Amazon has transformed the retail industry, and recently it has submitted a trademark application in Australia to edge their way into the highly regulated, Australian pharmaceutical industry. 

Last week, a special authority for emergency supply without a prescription in bushfire-affected areas has been issued for pharmacists in NSW, VIC and ACT. Find out how it helps. 

Christmas parties and New Year festivities are over and now it is time to refocus yourself and your team for the new year. A fresh calendar brings new challenges and opportunities for progression within your company. 

We highlight the Top Holiday Health Risks, how Radiology has Helped a tennis athlete with sports injuries and Pharmacies as the biggest Contributors to My Health Record.

The Australian Digital Health Agency published updated statistics with detailed activity on My Health Record. Pharmacies were the biggest contributor to My Health Record's success.

We have covered a lot of what has been happening in Australia's Pharmacy industry this past year. Looking back, we can highlight certain Trends that will impact Pharmacy jobs as well as the entire industry in general.

We highlight Why 'Too Much Medicine' can be problematic for most patients, How Electronic Prescribing can help Pharmacies improve and information about New Clinical Trials to improve cancer treatments.

Electronic Prescribing provides an alternative for prescribers and their patients separate from the traditional paper-based prescription system. Numerous benefits but also concerns have been discussed. 

We highlight new initiatives on the requirements of Overseas Doctors coming to Australia, Newly published Social Media Guidelines for health practitioners and findings about the Rise of Polypharmacy among elderly Australians.

36.1% of Australians aged 70-plus are estimated to be affected by continuous polypharmacy and qualified pharmacists are relied on to help make the right decisions.