Christmas parties and New Year festivities are over and now it is time to refocus yourself and your team for the new year. A fresh calendar brings new challenges and opportunities for progression within your company. 

We highlight the Top Holiday Health Risks, how Radiology has Helped a tennis athlete with sports injuries and Pharmacies as the biggest Contributors to My Health Record.

A new media release from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists has illustrated a case where Radiology helped to extend a tennis athlete's career after a series of long-term injuries.

We have covered a lot of what has been happening in Australia's Medical Imaging industry this past year. Looking back, we can highlight certain Trends that will impact Jobs as well as the entire Radiology industry in general.

We highlight important factors to consider for GP Locum Jobs in Australia, the Bigger Picture of Community Pharmacies operating in Australia and New findings about Hormone Therapy Risks.

Certain hormone replacement therapies have been tied to an increased risk of breast cancer. New research also suggests that the risks can last for more than a decade in some cases.

We highlight why GPs in Australia should consider up-skilling in Skin Work, new 3D Mammography findings and Australia's Largest Pharmacy retailer opening in China.

A research group from the University of Sydney compared 3D mammography and standard mammography screening of women in an effort to improve the results of breast cancer screening. 

We highlight the New GP guidelines for helping patients with Dementia, the lowering of the Age Limit for Pharmacy Flu Vaccinations and an overview of the Radiation Therapist Jobs in Australia.

A Radiation Therapist has many responsibilities including the designing, planning and administering of radiation treatment plans and providing care to patients along with other medical professionals.