To help Australian doctors keep up with the latest in Australian medical laws and guidelines, Gorilla Jobs will occasionally post summaries of recent developments.

As the global spread of the coronavirus picks up the pace, Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has put out a call to retired doctors to try and help where possible. 

 One average, it is estimated more than two million doctor appointments are made by patients each week in Australia. What does this mean for the Doctors' job opportunities now and in the future?

With the end of the year approaching, Deloitte published their General Practitioner Workforce Report – with findings about factors that will impact General Practitioners in Australia for the decade ahead until 2030.

We highlight Why 'Too Much Medicine' can be problematic for most patients, How Electronic Prescribing can help Pharmacies improve and information about New Clinical Trials to improve cancer treatments.

The RACGP released a Statement about 'Too Much Medicine' - supporting the use of optimal medicine and highlighting the potential harmful impacts to patients from over-diagnosing. 

We highlight statistics about the frequency of GP Visit Delays, proposals for Autonomous Pharmacist Prescribing and awareness for women's Mammography Services.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that of the amount of people who needed to see a GP, 22.8% delayed seeing or did not see a GP over the past 12 months. This has been a 6.5% decrease from the previous year. 

We highlight research into a new Artificial Intelligence tool to help with Heart Attacks, factors for a payment model reflecting Pharmacist Counselling services and the importance of CT Scanning in Lung Diseases.

We highlight important factors to consider for GP Locum Jobs in Australia, the Bigger Picture of Community Pharmacies operating in Australia and New findings about Hormone Therapy Risks.