To help you keep across the latest Pharmacy news, here are some useful developments from the past few weeks. From NBN and Cyber Security at Pharmacies to Doctor of Pharmacy, find out more. 

Modern life in Australia is mostly an urban experience, with most of the population living in densely populated areas on the south, west and eastern coasts. But a change to Regional work can bring its own advantages. 

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The face of work changed for many during COVID-19, but it will bring some favourable and potentially ongoing changes to our work-life balance. Particularly for healthcare worker, find out more. 

COVID-19 has presented a raft of challenges for healthcare professionals, but in terms of telehealth, it has also opened up potentially strong opportunities. It could be here to stay in a big way, find out more. 

The Federal Government’s increased funding for mental health is a strong sign of improved mental health awareness internally, both now and into the future. Here's a quick overview. 

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In part one, Gorilla Jobs recommends how to prepare now for the post-lockdown healthcare jobs search. Find out what you can do to increase your chances later on. 

In a world focused on managing and ultimately finding a vaccine for COVID-19, Gorilla Jobs believes professionals in pharmacy jobs are mostly unsung heroes. Find out how they coped with changes.