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Reflecting on 2023: Key Trends in Legal Jobs 

December 21, 2023 0 Comments

Happy 2023 holidays! As we approach the cusp of a new year, it’s a pivotal moment for us at Gorilla Jobs to take a step back and contemplate the extraordinary path we’ve traversed this year.

2023 has been a year where legal experts have showcased remarkable resilience, the ability to adapt seamlessly, and a continuous dedication to achieving excellence. With the year’s end in sight, now is an opportune time to gear up for the forthcoming year and to rejuvenate.

We’re offering a glimpse into the job market data from our friends at Indeed, shedding light on the prevalent trends of this year. Plus, we’ve also assembled a practical checklist to to guide you through this phase and get you set for the next year.

We’ve seen a steady rhythm in Job Opportunities explored over the last 12 months, highlighting that the interest in legal jobs is fairly consistent. 

Similarly to what we have seen in the healthcare jobs that we help with, July, August and September showed some notable peaks in applications while November, December and January relatively slowed down a bit. 

The number of interested Job Seekers in the Job Opportunities showed a similar seasonal trend with an increase across July, August and September and a slight decrease across November, December and January. 

But how does this reflect in the jobs for lawyers? 

The peak in activity could be attributed to a myriad of factors, from graduates entering the job market to seasoned professionals considering their next move in a landscape that’s full of potential. And despite the fluctuations typical of most markets, the legal sector has maintained a strong heartbeat of activity throughout the year.

However, it remains a relatively competitive industry. Over 61,000 job seekers showed interest in Lawyer jobs with only over 9,000 jobs explored. And comparing the numbers of Job Seekers interested in legal jobs between November 2022 and November 2023 shows a slight decrease, from approximately 3,900 job seekers interested in November 2022 to approximately 3,700 job seekers interested in November 2023. 

For law firms and legal professionals, these numbers still strongly represent the human stories of career growth, the pursuit of excellence, and the strategic movements within the industry. As a recruitment agency embedded in the legal sector, these insights enable us to provide our clients with tailored advice that resonates with the market’s pulse.

In the context of the legal sector’s transformation as we approach 2024, the insights from the 2023 Australia: State of the Legal Market Report are particularly notable. The report chronicles a legal market that experienced initial decline but made a remarkable recovery in its latter half, thanks in part to transactional and counter-cyclical practices. This rebound, however, has been tempered by cost-related challenges and a surplus of legal professionals, leading to potential inefficiencies and concerns about talent retention.

For law firms in pursuit of legal talent and lawyers seeking to climb their career ladder, Gorilla Jobs stands as a strategic partner to help with your recruitment objectives and needs. 

Leveraging a wealth of market intelligence and recruitment experience, we make sure that our strategies in recruitment are both reflective of the current state of the legal market and anticipating its future movements.

Gorilla Jobs Reflecting 2023 Legal jobs trend holiday checklist

Pre-Holiday Checklist

With only days to go until the New Year, it’s high time to tick off those crucial pre-holiday tasks from your checklist. Here’s a streamlined version to ensure you’re all set for a stress-free break:

Schedule Management
Quickly review and adjust your schedule to minimize work stress before and after your vacation.

Task Prioritization
Identify and focus on completing key tasks. It’s about zeroing in on what’s essential before you head off.

Client Communication
Inform your clients of your upcoming absence to maintain clear communication channels.

Setting Auto-Replies
Ensure your email and voicemail messages are updated to reflect your out-of-office status.

Email Management
Tidy up your inbox, set follow-up reminders for when you return, and use the snooze feature to keep distractions at bay.

Desk Organization
A quick clean-up of your workspace can help you return to a neat and welcoming environment.

Out-of-Office Notification
Make sure your out-of-office email is clear about your absence and provides alternative contact information for emergencies.

Home and Travel Prep
Don’t forget the personal side of things. Make sure your home is set up for your absence, and all travel plans are confirmed.

Post-Vacation Planning
Schedule a catch-up meeting or session for when you’re back to ease into work mode smoothly.

This checklist is all about ensuring that you leave work at work, allowing you to fully enjoy your holiday season.

Going Into 2024

What might the upcoming year hold in store? Drawing lessons from the past, we’re poised to see an array of new possibilities as the legal industry keeps growing, and the rhythm for legal professionals maintains its dynamic pace.

By aligning recruitment efforts with these yearly trends, employers can gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent during key periods of professional transition. 

Whether you’re ready for a new job or a law firm in search of your next talent, Gorilla Jobs is here to help you find what you need.

Disclaimer: The data reflected here is sourced from Indeed’s monthly hiring insights, providing a snapshot of the volume of Lawyer jobs and job seekers across Australia.