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Gorilla Jobs Reflecting on 2023 Healthcare jobs trend

Reflecting on 2023: Healthcare Jobs Key Trends

December 21, 2023 0 Comments

Happy 2023 holidays! As we approach another new year, it’s important for us at Gorilla Jobs to pause and reflect on the remarkable journey that 2023 has been.

For healthcare professionals, this year has been one of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence. With the end of the year approaching, it’s a great time to prepare for the year ahead and to recharge.

We’re peeling back the curtain on the job market data from our friends at Indeed to give you some insights on this year’s trends. Plus, we’ve also compiled a checklist to help you navigate the holiday period with ease and prepare for the upcoming year. Explore the following sections to find out more.

General Practitioners
Medical Imaging
Allied Health
Pre-Holiday Checklist
Key Takeaway from 2023
Going Into 2024

Healthcare Job Opportunities Explored

We’ve seen a steady rhythm in Job Opportunities explored over the last 12 months, showcasing that the interest in healthcare jobs has been consistently healthy. 

July, August and September showed notable peaks in applications – perhaps a sign of spring fever or professionals looking for a pre-summer change – while November, December and January relatively slowed down suggesting the end-of-year break was on everyone’s mind. This can suggest seasonal trends in job-seeking behavior and possibly also reflect broader shifts in the healthcare sector.

The number of interested Job Seekers in the Job Opportunities showed a similar seasonal trend with an increase across July, August and September and a slight decrease across November, December and January. 

Gorilla Jobs Reflecting 2023 Healthcare jobs trend Key Takeaway and Insights

How does this reflect the jobs that Gorilla Jobs recruits for? 

General Practitioners

If you are a General Practitioner (GP) looking for your next opportunity, you will be well supported to find the most suitable job for your current situation and lifestyle. With over 350,000 interested job seekers for GP jobs and over 90,000 jobs explored, this is the one area we at Gorilla Jobs are least concerned about being able to help. 

In fact, while all healthcare jobs have had an increase in the number of interested Job Seekers in November 2023 compared to November 2022 last year, GP Jobs have had the highest increase of Job Seekers. In November 2022 there were over 14,000 interested Job Seekers, in November 2023 this was over 25,000 – leading to an 80% increase this year compared to last year. 


However, if you are a Pharmacist looking for your next role the Job Opportunities will be more competitive. With over 170,000 interested job seekers for Pharmacy jobs but only over 17,000 jobs explored, this is one area we are keeping a close eye on. 

As per a report on Australia’s pharmacy landscape, the sector anticipates a potential loss of up to 20,818 community pharmacy jobs over the next four years due to the recent 60-day dispensing policy. Additionally, the forecast suggests that over 650 community pharmacies could face closure, with an additional 900 at risk due to financial pressures. This projection holds significant implications for the industry, signalling a challenging landscape. The data underscores the need for strategic measures and adaptations within the pharmacy sector to navigate these potential challenges effectively. 

Medical Imaging

Another relatively competitive area has been in Medical Imaging, covering Sonographer, Radiographer and Radiologist jobs, with the latter being the most competitive. 

  • Sonographer jobs had over 45,000 job seekers showed interest with only over 5,000 jobs explored. 
  • Radiographer jobs had over 48,000 job seekers showed interest with only over 6,000 jobs explored. 
  • Radiologist jobs had over 18,000 job seekers showed interest but only over 2,000 jobs explored. 

Delving into recent developments reveals an upcoming landscape shift in the field of medical imaging. The industry, valued at $6.3 billion in 2022, is projected to experience substantial growth, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% from 2022 to 2030, reaching $10.3 billion by 2030. This notable transformation is attributed to factors such as an aging population and a surge in the prevalence of chronic illnesses, indicating a heightened demand for diagnostic imaging services in Australia. This increased demand could be influenced by the evolving landscape of healthcare needs, technological advancements, and a growing emphasis on proactive diagnostic measures. 


If you are a Dentist looking for your next job, the Dental market is also showing positive signs of growth for the years to come. With over 67,000 interested job seekers in Dentist jobs and over 11,000 jobs explored, there are more positive signs in the future. 

According to insights from Labour Market Insights, there’s an anticipated surge in demand for dental professionals, with the current employment figure of 12,100 expected to reach 22,300 by 2026—a projected change of approximately 27.8%, equivalent to roughly 4,900 jobs. This noteworthy shift can be driven by factors like population growth and evolving healthcare needs, and the increase in demand could be influenced by demographic shifts, changes in oral healthcare awareness, advancements in dental treatments and technologies, and a growing emphasis on preventive dental care.

Allied Health

As for Allied Health jobs, there are both competitive and less competitive areas of jobs that we help with. 

  • Occupational Therapist jobs had over 191,000 job seekers showed interest and over 38,000 jobs explored. 
  • Speech Pathologist jobs had over 112,000 job seekers showed interest and over 24,000 jobs explored. 
  • Physiotherapist jobs had over 122,000 job seekers showed interest and over 28,000 jobs explored, making the Physiotherapy market the 2nd least competitive market after GP jobs. 

However, in Mental Health the numbers are a bit more competitive. 

  • Psychologist jobs had over 123,000 job seekers showed interest with only over 15,000 jobs explored. 
  • Psychiatrist jobs had over 49,000 job seekers showed interest but only over 7,000 jobs explored. 

Exploring recent developments sheds light on a transformative shift in the Allied Health landscape, as highlighted by the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care. The sector, spurred by an historic $6.1 billion investment by the Australian Government, is poised for significant growth. This monumental commitment includes $79.4 million over four years to empower all 31 Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to commission multidisciplinary care, incorporating services from allied health professionals. This strategic initiative aims to lay robust foundations for a strengthened Medicare system, showcasing a proactive approach to healthcare needs. The allied health professionals find themselves at the forefront of this dynamic landscape, offering abundant opportunities for those contemplating a transition or exploring new avenues within this evolving healthcare area.

Pre-Holiday Checklist

With only days to go until the New Year, it’s high time to tick off those crucial pre-holiday tasks from your checklist. Here’s a streamlined version to ensure you’re all set for a stress-free break:

Schedule Management
Quickly review and adjust your schedule to minimize work stress before and after your vacation.

Task Prioritization
Identify and focus on completing key tasks. It’s about zeroing in on what’s essential before you head off.

Client Communication
Inform your clients of your upcoming absence to maintain clear communication channels.

Setting Auto-Replies
Ensure your email and voicemail messages are updated to reflect your out-of-office status.

Email Management
Tidy up your inbox, set follow-up reminders for when you return, and use the snooze feature to keep distractions at bay.

Desk Organization
A quick clean-up of your workspace can help you return to a neat and welcoming environment.

Out-of-Office Notification
Make sure your out-of-office email is clear about your absence and provides alternative contact information for emergencies.

Home and Travel Prep
Don’t forget the personal side of things. Make sure your home is set up for your absence, and all travel plans are confirmed.

Post-Vacation Planning
Schedule a catch-up meeting or session for when you’re back to ease into work mode smoothly.

This checklist is all about ensuring that you leave work at work, allowing you to fully enjoy your holiday season.

Key Takeaway from 2023


  • Busiest months for jobs were in August, September, and July.
  • Least busiest months for jobs were in December, November, and January.
  • High demand from job seekers in August, September, and July.
  • Lower demand from job seekers in December, November, and January.

Job Availability  

  • Most job opportunities explored and most interested job seekers over 12 months: General Practitioners
  • Least job opportunities explored and least interested job seekers over 12 months: Radiologists 
  • November 2023 compared to November 2022: While all healthcare jobs we recruit for showed an increase in interested job seekers, General Practitioners has seen the biggest increase with over 80% more interested now when compared to last year.

Our Recommendations: 

  • Strategic planning: Talk  to us during the Busiest 3 Months if you are interested in securing a new job quickly. Talk to us during the Least Busiest 3 Months if you are interested in proactively planning for any future changes in your career, to get a head start before the busier periods.
  • Competitive markets: Pharmacist and Radiologist jobs were the most competitive for candidates, while General Practitioner and Physiotherapist jobs were the least competitive, providing unique opportunities for many.

Going Into 2024

So, what could be the forecast for the coming year? If the past is any prelude, we anticipate a medley of fresh opportunities as the healthcare markets continue to expand and the melody for healthcare professionals sustains its vibrancy. 

By aligning recruitment efforts with these trends, employers can gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent during a key period of professional transition. 

Whether you’re ready for a new job or a healthcare provider in search of your next candidate, Gorilla Jobs is poised to help you find what you need.

Disclaimer: The data reflected here is sourced from Indeed’s monthly hiring insights, providing a snapshot of the volume of the healthcare jobs and job seekers across Australia.