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Aged Care Jobs Australia: Could This Be Your Next Career Move?

February 15, 2023 0 Comments

Thinking of a career in aged care? Here’s a simple guide to what you need to know about aged care jobs in Australia.

The idea of an ageing population has been much spoken of over the past decade or so as governments around the world face the prospect that demographics are changing fast, which brings with it the need to plan how this will affect the economy and society more broadly.

In Australia, for example, according to the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), Australia’s population aged 65 and over is projected to grow to 6.66 million by 2041, from an estimated 4.31 million in 2021 – an increase by 54%. An even greater proportional population growth is projected at the highest ages – Australia’s population aged 85 and above is projected to increase in number from 534,000 in 2021 to 1.28 million by 2024 – an increase of 140%!

What this means for anyone interested in aged care jobs in Australia is that demand will be great as this ageing occurs.

In October 2022, Guardian Australia reported findings from a government-funded care workforce labour market study, which stated the startling fact: “Australia faces a shortfall of more than 200,000 full-time care workers by 2050 as demand doubles…with a predicted gap in the workforce emerging earlier than expected as a result of the Covid pandemic.”

More urgently, the report noted that as soon as 2027-28 there could be a shortfall of up to 100,000 care workers. So, with such a great demand forecast, it’s time to ask, “Is an aged care job in Australia the right role for me?”

What skills do you need to be an aged care worker?

Primarily, there are some personality traits you need to have as an aged care worker. To succeed in the role, you should be respectful, positive, compassionate, discrete and, most important of all, empathetic. There are also a number of key skills that will benefit you greatly in an aged care job in Australia.

Communication Skills

While most jobs require solid communication skills, they are even more important in aged care. 

Many of the clients you will be dealing with will be from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities, and may spend long periods of time alone –  remember, you might be the only person that some of them chat to all day.

The best aged care workers are observant and skilled at reading between the lines of what clients are saying, while also being patient and able to listen carefully and interact with them.


Given that you will rarely have two days that are the same when you work in an aged care job, having a brain that can quickly switch tasks will make your professional life much easier.

As you move from one client to the next, you might be cleaning, cooking, helping with other household duties, accompanying clients to important appointments – the list goes on and on. So, be prepared to juggle a lot of tasks and be presented with tasks you’ve never had to do before.

Being Responsive

This important skill fits with multi-tasking in that when you take on an aged care job in Australia you will need to be able to respond quickly to all kinds of situations that can arise.

Because you are dealing with sometimes very vulnerable people with all kinds of health needs, ageing issues and personalities, schedules and tasks may change with little notice, so being able to adapt quickly and take these curve balls in your stride is critical.

Gorilla Jobs Blog Aged Care Jobs in Australia Could This Be Next Career Move Woman Taking Care and Smiling With Elderly Woman In Sunny Outdoors
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Duties and responsibilities

As noted above, your day-to-day role is varied – and will also depend on the specific kind of role you take in aged care (see below) – and your routine might need to change with little notice, but generally your duties may include:

  • Showering, dressing and other personal care needs
  • Assisting with exercise
  • Administering medication
  • Liaising with family and other healthcare team members
  • Conversation and general companionship
  • Domestic duties
  • Helping clients get around and stay socially engaged


As aged care jobs in Australia have become increasingly important, so has the notion that specific tuition might help those wanting to work in the sector.

For example, TAFE NSW offers several courses that would be useful:

  • The Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing), which is a good starting point to give a broad and basic range of factual, technical and procedural knowledge of the practices and concepts required for providing person-centred support.
  • The Certificate IV in Ageing Support, is tailored for those who already have some experience in the aged care sector.

Aged care jobs in Australia 

Gorilla jobs is seeing more and more roles coming through in the aged care sector, but some of the kinds of role you might consider include:

  • Aged care worker, Support worker or Personal carer 
  • Residential aged care support worker
  • Community Care/Lifestyle support worker
  • Care Managers, Facility Managers and Coordinators 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Enrolled Aged Care Nurse/ AIN
  • Registered Aged Care Nurse

Training.com.au has a great rundown of these roles here, plus a guide to the kinds of salaries you could make.

Or reach out to the Gorilla Jobs Allied Health team to chat about aged care jobs in Australia we are currently trying to fill.

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