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5 Team Celebrations to Recognise Success

December 14, 2022 0 Comments

Celebrating success is something all teams should do – here are 5 team celebrations for the next time your workplace crew deserves recognition and a reward.

Whether it’s hitting individual KPIs, smashing team targets, or finishing a major project – or maybe it’s just getting through a hellish week, month or year where challenges arose that weren’t anticipated – toasting workplace successes through team celebrations is a no brainer.

Team celebrations:

  1. Help your team feel appreciated
  2. Instil a concrete sense of “belonging” by building stronger bonds
  3. Encourage hard work
  4. Offer a moment for everyone to reflect, acknowledge and relax or recharge.

No matter how big or small the achievement, target or win is, here are five team celebrations to consider the next time your crew deserves recognition and a reward for their hard work.

1. Just say “thank you”…

Ok, sure, this may sound a bit obvious but the reality is that thanking the team is an effective and simple “early strike” in the team celebrations stakes.

Most workers react well to a public acknowledgement of their effort or work, so calling a quick meeting (even over Zoom) or sending out an organisation-wide email or shout-out in the company group chat lets individuals or teams know how important they and the work they do are is for everyone.

And, best of all, this can be done regularly and easily thanks to digital comms, although it should always be genuine and timed well so that it doesn’t look like lip service or seem condescending.

2. Hold an event

Probably the most obvious team celebration is holding some kind of event to mark the occasion. This can range from drinks and nibbles at the office or, depending on the size of your team and the kind of win or success you’re celebrating, functions at bars or restaurants.

Why not get even more creative and play lawn bowls or organise a scavenger hunt or, when the weather suits, have an outdoor event? Maybe a quiz/trivia night at a local pub or some team sports (for the fun of it, of course) or a private section at a sporting event?

Or a night at the movies or a theatre show or comedy club outing, or something more lowkey like cooking together…and let’s not discount an oldie but a goodie, karaoke.

For the really huge wins, taking the team away on a successful retreat or getaway is also a winner – it doesn’t have to be Hawaii…but if it’s appropriate, why not?!

The options for a range of budgets and different kinds of teams are truly endless. 

Gorilla Jobs Blog 5 team celebrations to recognise success four people standing in a group holding each other spelling out the word team on their shirts
Photo by Rodnae Productions on Pexels

3. Virtual possibilities

Team celebrations take on a new meaning in a world where remote working and dispersed teams are changing the face of work and the notion of “the workplace”.

This is where that simple “thank-you” is particularly useful, but dispersed workplace setups shouldn’t be limited to just this.

The benefit of group chat or virtual meet-ups via Zoom or even Slack means virtual events can mimic some of the IRL ones listed above. You can even send out hampers or digital vouchers by email to allow team members to buy their treats and drinks of choice to imbibe during a virtual meeting, quiz or movie night.

4. Social acknowledgment

Social media is so endemic in our lives that using it as another form of team celebration is impactful.

Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram is great for letting clients or customers know how much a team is valued, while posting on LinkedIn is an excellent way to show other professionals how great a team is and the goals it’s kicking, while at the same time enhancing the broader reputation of the organisation by showing the kind of culture that exists – one of success and recognition.

5. Bonuses and gifts

Everyone loves a bonus or gift, so these should always be in the mix when it comes to team celebrations because besides being a clearly tangible benefit, they also improve loyalty, job satisfaction and engagement.

Some organisations have formal recognition and reward programs that are very successful, and there are even companies that this can be outsourced to. 

However, while this is an undisputed and very public form of acknowledging success, bonuses and gifts tend to have more impact if they are a part of a broader team celebration strategy.

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