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5 Meaningful Job Interview Questions to Consider

October 12, 2022 0 Comments

The most meaningful job interview questions are not necessarily the most obvious – here are some unique ones we can recommend.

A job is advertised, with a stack of applicants interested in it, and whittled down to a first-round interview list. Many will put together the best job interview questions possible to help determine who will go through to the next round or who might be offered the role immediately if it is a “we need someone ASAP” situation.

Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter, a manager who has interviewed countless times, or a candidate who is already experienced with interviews or even new to them, putting together the best list of job interview questions is no easy task.

Having a cookie-cutter approach by asking the same old questions might take some of the work out of the interview process but could mean you miss the mark…and the best possible opportunity.

Generally, many will still ask some of the standard job interview questions, such as “Why did you apply for the job?”, “What do you know about our company and why do you want to work here?”, “Why are you leaving your current role?” or “Why should we hire you?”.

But here are five more meaningful job interview questions that might help you uncover the best case scenario for the job.

1. Describe yourself in three words

Asking this helps reveal character traits not evident in a CV, cover letter or initial screening interview, and especially soft skills that could be important for the role.

Many candidates will put forward personal descriptors that directly link to the role they’re interviewing for. On the surface, this makes sense, of course, and is a sign they are focussed on channelling personal or professional skills or traits into the role. 

However, others may be more creative and throw up words that shine more of a light on them as humans, which, in turn, shows the hirer strengths (or weaknesses) that differentiate them from other candidates.

2. Explain something somewhat complicated that you know a lot about (preferably not work-related). You have 5 minutes. Go!

This meaningful job interview question is going to go some way in helping determine several things about your candidate.

Firstly, it will show you how quick on their feet they are in choosing the subject and pulling together the brain juice to explain it to you.

Secondly, and leading on from this, asking this question is something of an intelligence test and a great communication test because it shows how the candidate breaks down a potentially complex idea and presents this to someone who may not have any understanding of it. 

And thirdly, it may shine some insight into the personal world of the candidate.

Gorilla Jobs Blog Meaningful Job Interview Questions To Ask Two Pretty Women Talking And Interviewing For A Job And Taking Notes
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3. Tell me one thing about you not in your LinkedIn profile or CV

Another question that will really encourage the candidate to think outside of the box.

As with question one, the majority of candidates will try and frame this through the professional side of their life by talking about some more intricate aspect of a role they’ve performed, awards or accolades they’ve won or maybe volunteer work that compliments their profession.

Others may open up about their personal life, which, as with the questions above, helps paint a more comprehensive picture of their character and who they are outside of the work persona.

4. If you were the one hiring, name the most critical attributes of the role that you would look for.

The effect of answering this question is twofold. Primarily, it shows how well the candidate understands the role they’re applying for and therefore how effectively they will embrace and run with it if successful in their interview.

But don’t be put off when a candidate identifies an attribute that you might consider secondary! 

This opens up a conversation about the role more broadly and could even lead to a rethink of it going forward, which might not be a bad thing, especially if the candidate is bringing in new skills or industrial intelligence.

5. Talk about something non-work related that you’re crazy passionate about

This question can act as a tension-easer, never a bad thing in an interview, and is also a great way to allow a candidate to both reveal a little of their personal life and the kinds of non-work things that motivate them and make them happy.

It may also reveal more about the candidate to assess them for cultural fit.

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