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Gorilla Jobs: 5 Years Strong and More to Come

September 14, 2022 0 Comments

As Gorilla Jobs celebrates its five-year anniversary, it’s the perfect moment to ask, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

We strive to support our recruiters in further strengthening and expanding their divisions into successful businesses where more passionate recruiters will get a chance to come onboard and be taught by the best. We hope that by the time our 10th anniversary arrives, the team will be stronger than ever. That we will have more industries to help with recruiting and prove to the recruitment industry that a fun workplace culture will greatly benefit everyone involved.

Fauzi Kaylani, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Gorilla Jobs

Five years old is often a magic birthday – it’s the beginning of school for most kids and a new phase of life to look forward to and be excited by. For a business, hitting the five-year mark is just as important – and the stats tell the story, with over 90% of companies failing in the first three years.

But at Gorilla Jobs, we managed to push through the three-year mark and are now proudly celebrating our five-year anniversary in 2022. Founded in 2017 by Managing Partners Jimmy Bosmans and Fauzi Kaylani, Gorilla Jobs has spent its first five years positioning itself as a leading, award-winning healthcare and legal recruitment agency.

So, if we jumped into a time machine, went back five years and asked the partners where they hoped to see the business on its five-year anniversary, what would they have said?

Gorilla Jobs has always been confident that our unique candidate approach would help many find the right jobs and ultimately benefit both our candidates and clients well. But we could not predict to have had such an incredible team of recruiters across a wide variety of divisions, located in such a beautiful location as Sydney’s harbour and all whilst serving Australia’s biggest brands.

Jimmy Bosmans, Managing Partner at Gorilla Jobs
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And how has the Gorilla Jobs journey been for the team managers? 

When I first started I was also studying part time for a degree in HR. Being able to gain experience in my field and learn how to help my candidates has been invaluable. Today, I’ve finished my degree, recently celebrated my 3 year anniversary at Gorilla Jobs, and managed to work my way up to being a manager of the pharmacy division with a team working beside me.

Alyssa Markantonatos, Pharmacy Division Manager at Gorilla Jobs

“Where do you see yourself in five years”?

Talk of a five-year anniversary raises a topic that many going through the healthcare recruitment or legal recruitment process will face at some point when the question of “Where do you see yourself in five years” comes up in an interview.

This is often asked because it’s the recruiter or employer’s moment to gain insight into a candidate’s career aspirations,  matching this up with the role, how much it aligns with the organisation and how it can help work towards those aspirations.

While the current reality is that 50% of employees have been in roles for less than two years, and there seems to be a trend toward change, evidenced in “the great resignation” and “quiet quitting”, employers are still looking for potential employees who are long-term prospects.

Asking the five-year question also provides insight into a prospect’s drive and ambition, giving the employer the opportunity to work out where this fits in with the organisation’s growth strategy.

5 years ago, I was in another field of work with a strong urge to challenge myself to learn something new. And slowly but surely working with Jimmy has allowed me to embrace the new challenge. I went from working part time, to full time, to becoming a division manager for the doctor team and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

Hayden Kaylani, Doctors Division Manager at Gorilla Jobs
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How to answer “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

In some ways, when the question comes up in an interview, it may feel like a trick question with only one answer. “In five years I hope to have become an integral part of (Employer Name) with a long career ahead helping it achieve its goals etc etc”

This is fine, if it’s the truth, as employers would obviously prefer to take on a long-term prospect with ambitions to grow in the role and organisation.

But they also want to hear a genuine and considered response that helps further paint a picture of who they are thinking of taking on. So being honest is important.

Not being able to definitively answer the question isn’t the end of the world. Maybe you can’t answer because more study or training is on the horizon at some point. Or, most notably for fresh grads, it could be that the focus is on the role being applied for to get a feel for what the future might hold.

And, of course, some industries or job types change rapidly, so five years is a long enough time to not be able to truly predict a future trajectory or plan.

Being realistic is also crucial. Having aspirations indicates being keen to grow and learn, so talking about goals or career dreams that can be accomplished exhibits a strategic rather than naïve mindset.

Outside of the above, our three tips for answering the question are:

  1. Take a moment to really address the question, rather than diving straight in, which could lead to stumbling or rambling in an effort to sound good rather than be genuine.
  2. Pick a couple of professional goals that are in sync with current professional qualities to demonstrate a willingness to play to strengths and potentially build on them.
  3. Flesh out goals with some detail of how they can be achieved.

It has been a pleasure seeing the exponential growth of the company and have the opportunity to connect with fantastic people who help individuals living in the community.

Jem Melcher, Allied Health Division Manager at Gorilla Jobs

Gorilla Jobs Can Help

Reach out to us today if you have any questions or if you’d like to congratulate the 5-year anniversary!