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Recruitment 101: Post-COVID Job Interview Questions to Ask

April 21, 2022 0 Comments

As work-life returns to a post-COVID normal, here are the job interview questions to ask when you next apply for a job.

Asking job interview questions is an important and expected part of the recruitment process, and something you should not be nervous about doing because it shows your prospective employer that you have done some serious thinking about the role and are keen to decide whether it’s really for you.

Here are some of the more standard questions you should consider asking and others you might ask in relation to the post-COVID world we are going in.

The 5 Standard Job Interview Questions You Should Ask

COVID aside, there are at least five job interview questions you should ask during the recruitment process.

1. What skills does the person who will succeed in this role need?

While you’ve already proven via your CV and cover letter or recruitment screener that you have the skills needed for the role, asking this question might tease out other aspects of the role not so evident in the job description or that haven’t come to light during the interview.

2.  What does a typical workday look like for the role?

This is another question to further investigate what the role is like in practice and one that will mean the employer/recruiter has to think about the reality of the role vs what it looks like on paper. The answer to this question can also give you a good feel for the day-to-day expectations your prospective employer has for the role.

3. What do I need to do to succeed or impress in my first three months?

Asking about KPIs or how measurement is assessed, in particular during that introductory three-month often trial period, will allow you to further understand employer expectations. Not only will this let the employer know you’re keen to make positive inroads early on in the role, but this query also gives you more insight into aspects of the role you might want to focus on initially to bed it down and ensure you put in a good showing during your early employment days.

4. What do you like most about your job and the organisational culture?

This may take some employers by surprise as it turns the focus away from you and back onto them. However, a wily employer understands that this double-barrelled question is your way of getting more insight into the culture you’ll be stepping into, something that could shape your decision about whether it is the right cultural fit for you and you for it.

5. Where will the company be in five years’ time?

Another double-barrelled question that both gives you a feel for what direction the organisation is heading and telegraphs your plans to stick around and be a part of this by implying your commitment to the organisation’s goals and future.

Gorilla Jobs Blog Post Covid Job Interview Questions to Ask Two Women Talking After Job Interview In Company Hallway With Decorations
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The 3 post-COVID questions to ask

While the world is moving into a more normalised workplace, there’s no denying that the pandemic has changed the way many organisations operate and will continue to do so. Ask these three questions to gain an understanding of how your prospective employer navigated COVID and is moving forward.

1. What general impact has the pandemic had on the organisation?

This question will help you assess the sustainability, agility and resilience of the organisation, while also giving more insight into its culture and how both management and current staff navigated the pandemic and moving out of it.

2. How have you adapted to flexible and remote work?

While some workplaces will spring back to more standard onsite work due to the nature of their business, many others will continue to offer flexible arrangements because the pandemic has proven that this can work and it is a method of keeping current employees or finding the best employee for new roles. Asking this question will give you insight into how tech-friendly the organisation is, how it adapted to remote working and whether it will continue to evolve in this way. It will also open a discussion on the kind of support you may receive when working remotely in terms of work-related things like technology and training.

3. What is your management style for hybrid teams and what practices did you put in place to make this work well for the organisation?

Managing hybrid teams presents a different set of management challenges, so asking how the organisation went about this and will continue to do so in the future gives you an understanding of what management learnt during the pandemic and how agile and open to change it is going forward. Learning how management addresses work culture for hybrid and remote teams should also be addressed here also.

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