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Law Graduate? Consider Your Options

February 15, 2022 0 Comments

Graduating from Law school offers a range of jobs that extend far beyond what people traditionally think law grads might go into.

When prospective law students weigh up taking on a law degree, most often front of mind is practising law as a barrister or solicitor.

However, the amazing thing about a law degree is that it sets law graduates up for a much wider range of work possibilities, both in terms of other legal jobs outside of the traditional barrister or solicitor roles and also jobs outside of the legal sector. Here is a rundown of the kinds of roles you might consider.

Given you’ve just spent years doing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or a Juris Doctor (JD), going into more traditional legal jobs is a no-brainer for some law graduates.


Barristers advocate for and represent individuals or organisations in court. As a barrister, you’ll plead the case before a judge and jury on behalf of your client and their solicitor, while also advising clients on pleas and points of law. Barristers can also move into a speciality field – human rights, criminal, entertainment, environmental, commercial etc – so this can be a great professional choice for anyone who also holds a personal interest in particular aspects of how society functions and wants to be part of the legal process around it.


In more of an administrative role that still requires a critical understanding of the application of the law, solicitors work hand-in-hand with a barrister to effectively help manage a legal case. They also advise clients on how to proceed around legal matters and, similar to barristers, can specialise in areas of the law they feel passionate about.

Judge or Judge’s Associate

Not a role you will walk into straight from law school, being a judge or a judge’s associate is something law graduates might be eyeing off after practising law for seven-ten years. A judge takes the critical role in the court or tribunal system of hearing cases, interpreting precedents, enforcing rules of evidence and bringing down judgements, with the judge’s associate assisting the judge to prepare paperwork, manage evidence, research cases and manage court liaison.

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Outside of the legal profession, there are a variety of roles law graduates can look to that have either a legal bent to them or through which you can apply both your legal knowledge and the critical thinking skills obtained during your studies.


The role of the mediator has much about it that resembles a more traditional legal job but steps sideways professionally as the key function of the mediator is to keep clients out of the court. Requiring consummate communication and research skills, the mediator’s role is to bring a neutral perspective to potential legal situations as they listen to both parties to gain an understanding of their positions before guiding and encouraging them to a mutually agreeable outcome.

Attorney-General’s (AG) department

Another role that is more a step sideways from traditional legal jobs, working in the AG’s department offers law graduates the opportunity to apply their legal knowledge across five branches: 

  • Australian Government Solicitor 
  • Legal Services and Families 
  • Integrity and International 
  • Industrial Relations 
  • Enabling Services

Working in the AG’s office is your chance to be involved with either providing legal services to the government or delivering the government of the day’s policies and programs.


Given the amount of time law students spend writing during their degree and the kind of knowledge they graduate with, becoming a journalist is a brilliant career move for those law graduates wanting something outside of the law yet in many ways connected to it. Besides covering the law more generally and cases before the courts, journalists with a law background also cover issues where a legal viewpoint is required, from human rights to the environment to entertainment, amongst many others. 

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