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Healthcare Recruitment: Top 5 hiring trends for 2022

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

As leaders in the healthcare recruitment space, we’re dropping you five job-seeking life hacks – our top hiring trends for 2022.

After another year of Covid-related disruptions, many are ready to leave 2021 behind and get on with a new year in the hope of some return to normalcy, although how the Omicron variant ends up going will obviously have some say in this.

However, putting a positive foot forward, we see glimmers of hope for healthcare recruitment in 2022, so here are our top 5 trends.

1. It’s a seller’s (candidate’s) market.

We keep hearing about the ‘great resignation’ of 2021, or as others are calling ‘the great realisation’ as workers across the globe reassess their working lives and begin looking for different working options. 

Healthcare was no different – in the US, 534,000 workers in health care or social assistance positions resigned or in August alone. Australia saw similar resignations, with nurses walking away from roles that had become even more stressful during the pandemic, leading to shortages.

While all this sounds a bit negative, there is big upside for job seekers: it will be a seller’s (i.e. candidate’s) market for the foreseeable future, meaning you’re in the driver’s seat to be able to negotiate a better package.

Gorilla Jobs recruitment life hack: When negotiating your next healthcare role, don’t be afraid to ask questions around pay rate, flexibility, company culture and anything else (within reason!) to show you’re serious about taking the role.

2. It’s not so much a buyer’s (employer’s) market.

So, this sounds like we’re just rejigging the first tip but it’s important to view the situation from the employer’s side too.

With unemployment rates dropping (November saw a 4.6% unemployment rate for Australia), and some economists predicting it to drop further, those in the market recruiting for staff may find the number of applicants drops.

What this means is not necessarily just throwing more money at potential candidates, but also positioning your organisation or company as being the best out there by offering a better, positive working environment to attract premium staff. 

So, time to look over how your organisation operates, why staff leave (or stay!) and ensure your brand as a great employer is at its shiny best.

Gorilla Jobs recruitment life hack: One small thing you can do is to make the recruitment experience as simple, easy and quick as possible. One-click submissions is one way to go, as is using a healthcare recruiter who understands how to make the process as painless as possible.

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3. The world is your recruitment oyster. Kind of.

Although we are still dealing with some restrictions of movement, things have opened up dramatically compared to the middle of 2021, both domestically and now slowly internationally also.

This means that both candidates and employers can look further afield, so being more open to location of where you want to work as a candidate or where you will hire from as an employer, especially in a tighter market, is critical.

Gorilla Jobs recruitment life hack: The more ‘location agnostic’ you are, the better. Is it time for that tree/sea change?

4. Soft skills are becoming more important than ever.

If there is one thing a global pandemic taught us, it is that soft skills have never been more important. Communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, critical thinking…the list goes on.

While an employee can’t have every soft skill an employer needs, and it’s the hard skills that might get you the interview, identifying your strongest soft skills will often get you to the second round interview, and maybe into the role as an employer scans you for fit for company culture.

And, in reverse, as a candidate, you can assess company culture by being open about your soft skills and seeing what the most important are to the employer.

Gorilla Jobs recruitment life hack: Be prepared to put your soft skills on show in that first interview.

5. Tech remains king…or queen.

Given all of the above, the more tech-focussed and up-to-date you are in the way you either look for a job or recruit candidates, the wider net you can cast in your search.

This is where Gorilla Jobs plug ourselves because as a specialist healthcare and legal recruitment agency, we already have all the tech and people in place to make finding a job or filling a vacancy smooth and easy.

Gorilla Jobs recruitment life hack: Our tech opens up a wider access to have your current opportunities listed with both passive and active candidates. Our strong network of contacts and online presence have helped many throughout 2021 and will continue to do so.

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