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Gorilla Jobs 2021 Christmas Wrap Christmas Tree Decorated In A Cozy Living Room

Gorilla Jobs 2021 Christmas Wrap

December 22, 2021 0 Comments

Gorilla Jobs wraps up a challenging year and looks forward to the new one ahead.

“2021 was a challenging year not just for our clients and candidates but also for our team. We have further adapted to providing our support remotely and managed to place our 1000th candidate in November. While there was some uncertainty about how long we would need to work from home, our teams successfully grew with new additions in the Allied Health, Pharmacy and Legal teams. We look forward to expanding further in 2022 in areas where our clients and candidates need our support.”

– Jimmy Bosmans, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Gorilla Jobs

It’s that time again when a lot of us “close up shop” on the year that was as we look forward to a short recharge over the Christmas break before launching into the new year.

The year 2021 will be one many remember mostly due to the huge challenges many of us faced and proudly conquered, overshadowed by the omnipresent challenge of living with and managing a world pandemic.

Large chunks of the year saw upwards of 40% of Australia’s population in lockdown as Victoria and NSW fought to contain outbreaks of the virus long enough for the vaccination rollout to gain momentum and see the majority of the eligible population vaccinated. And, at the time of writing, the lockdowns, as difficult as they were, have helped achieve that, with 88% of eligible Australians vaccinated.

This puts us in a strong position to avoid widespread lockdowns in the future and get the social and economic wheels of our country gearing up again to full speed as we launch into 2022.

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For Gorilla Jobs, it’s been business as usual, albeit operating under the constraints and protocols of ‘Covid-safe’ operations. 

As medical and healthcare recruiters across general practice, pharmacy, imaging and allied health, we have been as busy as ever, if not busier, helping Australian healthcare providers fill essential vacancies that have been a key part of managing both the pandemic and our nation’s general health.

Our legal recruitment team has also been busy building up this newer aspect of our business, something they will continue to do in 2022 and beyond.

And, as our borders slowly reopen, we will once more amp up the immigration services side of our business to ensure skills shortages in Australia can be met.

We proudly celebrated our fourth year of trading in October 2021, with one of the big milestones for Gorilla Jobs being our 1000th placement, something co-founders Fauzi Kaylani and Jimmy Bosmans put down to the tireless work of the brilliant team they are proud to lead.

So, in these last weeks of 2021, Gorilla Jobs raises a glass (or two) in celebration of what we have overcome and achieved, and wish everyone a safe, enjoyable and relaxing holiday season.

To all the amazing clients we work with and the incredible talent we have placed.

To our remarkable team who have risen to every challenge and taken every opportunity to keep Gorilla Jobs as one of the leading medical recruiters in the country.

And to everyone across our country who did the hard yards and can now look forward to better times ahead.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – bring on 2022!