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Marketing your Medical and Legal Practice in 2022

December 15, 2021 0 Comments

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to start looking ahead about what you can do to market your medical and legal practices in 2022.

While it may be true that once a practice has built a reputation for a client or patient base to walk in the door, it’s still important to undertake some marketing activity to both keep your current patients and clients informed about your practice and to reach out to potential new ones.

So, here are some simple tips about how to effectively market your medical and legal practice, especially going into the Christmas-New Year’s period.

Have a great website

OK, this might seem obvious or a no-brainer, but having a great website is the baseline for all of your practice’s marketing needs.

By not having a great website you risk damaging your reputation and brand, so investing in some engaging digital real estate where patients or clients can do the basics, such as making an appointment, or to learn about your practice and services, is a must in a world where we spend so much time online.

You can find some good examples here, but in a nutshell, your practice website should be clean-looking, easy to navigate and mobile-friendly.

White-papers and thought pieces

How often do you hear a friend say “I asked Dr Google”?

Too often, and as many GPs in particular could testify, Google will never be a substitute for consulting with the real thing. However, it can often be the starting point for patients and clients before they make an appointment for more.

This means that writing occasional white-papers or thought pieces for the blog page of your website is something to seriously consider. And it means putting time and effort into researching and writing these kinds of posts, but the pay-off is multiple.

Not only does it show you being actively engaged with the wider community involved with your practice from a position as an educator and leader, but it also fills your site with more relevant content, which can, in turn, drive traffic (the “Dr Googlers”!) to the site.

You could also include extra information on your blog page, such as commonly asked questions or thoughts on your patients and client’s greatest concerns or issues (all anonymised, of course!).

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Send out a monthly newsletter

Sending out regular newsletters is another way of showing them that you are engaged and consider them to be part of your community as well. These don’t need to be overly long and can be timed when you publish your blog posts to ensure they know you’ve published them. 

The newsletter might also include general news, any feedback and reviews, and important health and legal information that caught your eye and that you’d like to share.

Most will probably read these on mobile, so the key is keeping them snappy, interesting and easy to digest – but most importantly about issues you think your patients and clients would like to hear.

Social media

Whatever your feelings are about using social media in your personal life, it’s important to have some social media activity around your practice.

We wrote a guide last year about social media for doctors that outlines how to approach using social media in a responsible and professional way.

The key is engagement, but also remember that you are a specialist in your field, so there is nothing wrong with similarly hiring a social media specialist to do this part of your marketing and also helping manage the rest of your marketing activities.

Focus on events or holiday periods

Putting in a little more effort around certain key times of the year is a great way to enhance your marketing reach.

For example, coming into Christmas, there are a stack of things you could do and this article from ‘Patient Pop’ outlines some great ideas you could try. They can also be applied more generally throughout your yearly marketing calendar.

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