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Gorilla Jobs: Celebrating 4 Years

September 15, 2021 0 Comments

This week marks an Anniversary for Gorilla Jobs. Find out how far we have come to bring us successfully into our 4th year.

From back in 2017, with only a limited personal investment in the bank account and incredibly hard work, determination and a collective vision to make the healthcare sector far more efficient was what would ultimately bring Gorilla Jobs’ success into our fourth year.

And from 1 to 3 to more than 15+ recruitment consultants, we have steadily increased our recruiting portfolio across the healthcare and legal landscapes. The days where we could only help you to find a Doctor are in the past – just ask our dedicated recruitment consultants working across all of the key areas within Healthcare and Legal where our clients need help. 

4 Years of Gorilla Jobs – How far have we come?

Fast forward to 2021 and after the many effects of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have:

  • Over 250% year on year growth, resulting in a multi million dollar turnover 
  • We have become the absolute market leader within Permanent Healthcare Recruitment
  • Consistently placing over 50 healthcare and legal professionals each month  
  • Widened our recruitment support in more areas of healthcare and Legal industry
  • Organic growth meaning we only promote from within and train our recruiters from the ground up 
  • Leading the industry with our unique candidate-first approach, matching up the right jobs to the needs of our candidates and their personal circumstances 
  • Ranked consistently as one of the most visited healthcare recruitment websites
  • Grown the marketing budget alone by a multiple of our first year’s revenue 
  • Managed a schedule of immensely popular ongoing weekly blogs

We love tech and data and how they have helped us to innovate, but we still keep a deeply human approach to dealing with our candidates and clients, which has led to us being a market leader across Australia. 

“Growing the business with our experienced recruitment consultants has been very rewarding, seeing them expand into their own divisions even further by training junior consultants to become successful has been truly remarkable.” Jimmy Bosmans, Managing Partner of Gorilla Jobs explains. 

Gorilla Jobs Blog Celebrating 4 Years Training Session of Recruitment Consultant Team In Office


Photo by Gorilla Jobs; Training Session

And while the Covid pandemic has created challenges for many businesses including Gorilla Jobs, our consultants have taken it as an opportunity to further expand on the human approach to recruiting. 

“In the past year since the pandemic started, we have adapted in the way that we help and support candidates and clients to find each other. Personal circumstances at home have changed for many due to the new restrictions, and many also have an increased focus on their health and safety at work and job security. In spite of the effects of the pandemic, it has been particularly rewarding for us to help people during these uncertain times. When I personally hear from my candidates months after I helped them in a new role and how happy they are, it reminds me of exactly why I love doing what I do at Gorilla Jobs.” Brooke O’Mara explains from our Allied Health Division. 

What’s coming up next for Gorilla?

For now, it is important that we continue our recruitment support so everyone can get through the pandemic with the best for their careers and businesses. We will continue to expand our reach across Australia with more recruitment consultants in sectors that urgently need workforce solutions. And we will continue to innovate the ways tech is used in recruitment to enforce the effectiveness of our services. 

Most importantly, we invite you to come on this ever-evolving journey with us. Even under pressure in a fast-changing environment, continuing to support Australia’s healthcare workers has never been more important.

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