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Recruitment 101: Why the Candidate Comes First

May 5, 2021 0 Comments

Making and building professional relationships is the cornerstone of how the best recruiters work.  These are the four ways Gorilla Jobs works for healthcare and legal professionals who want to change jobs. 

So, when it comes to healthcare and legal professionals considering changing jobs, and organisations needing to recruit staff, Gorilla Jobs focuses heavily on nurturing these relationships.

However, there is a common misconception that recruiters predominantly work for the companies they are recruiting for. 

Sure, we can’t deny that this is who has engaged us to fill a position within their healthcare or legal organisation, and we work hard to make this happen. But we also pride ourselves on putting every candidate we work with at the heart of what we do.

Here’s why and how we do it.

Why the Candidate Comes First

We understand the healthcare and legal industries inside out

Gorilla Jobs specialises in healthcare and legal recruitment for a very specific reason – so that we can be leaders in our field and offer a premium service to clients and candidates.

By employing recruiters with specialist knowledge about the healthcare and legal sectors, we can manage the recruitment process more effectively, efficiently and personally. Our recruiters are knowledgeable about specific regulations, understand industry lingo, have extensive professional networks across the country and keep a constant watch out for the newest and best roles out there.

This means that whoever of our recruiters you are assigned to, you know you are not just in good hands, but the best, most informed hands.

We save you time when you want to change jobs

Let’s face it – many of us are busy both personally and professionally, so when you reach a point in your career and realise it’s time to change jobs, it can feel like a mammoth task!

In fact, so big and incredibly time-consuming a task, that some potentially great candidates back away from deciding to change jobs and just stay where they are instead.

But given how many hours a week you are at work, being happy, satisfied and fulfilled in your professional life is important.

Changing jobs can be the key to this happiness.

While recruiters don’t take all the work out of finding a job, experts like those in our Gorilla Jobs team can ease a chunk of the burden with the critical advice and support we offer throughout the placement process.

The support we offer includes:

  • Arranging interviews.
  • Offering expert, insider information about the role and organisation.
  • Providing interview tips.
  • Handling any paperwork involved.

Think of engaging a recruiter as a little like outsourcing or delegating an important task to a specialist. You know you can probably do it yourself, but by engaging the specialist, the task will get done more efficiently and effectively, leaving you with time to do what you do best.

We also often hear about roles that aren’t advertised. Roles that might be just what you are looking for but which you won’t gain access to unless you reach out and engage a recruiter.

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We take the time to understand the job and the candidate

One of the initial and crucial elements of establishing relationships with our candidates is making it personal – taking the time to understand who you are. Gorilla Jobs does this because we always want to place the best candidates in the right jobs for them.

We will always work hard to get an understanding of your:

  • Hard and soft skills, and anything else that distinguishes you as a candidate.
  • Needs or preferences around location, practice size, specialities, etc.
  • Desire for opportunities for growth or advancement.
  • Salary expectations.
  • Work culture expectations.
  • Whatever else is important to you as a candidate.

By doing this, we can build a profile of you that helps us match you to roles and organisations that suit who you are and what you want out of your professional life.

We are your champion in the recruitment process

It may sound obvious, but the thing recruiters want to do most is fill vacant roles. But this does not just mean filling vacancies quickly with whoever we can.

We work hard finding the ideal candidate for the organisation we are recruiting for, and are also a champion for our candidates in placing them in the best roles.

In other words, we always have you back!

We want to do everything possible to see every candidate be put forward for the best roles for them, and eventually placed in a role they match with best.

And, of course, we also always negotiate the best remuneration package we can once you are offered a role – because you’re worth it, right? We think so!

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Gorilla Jobs Can Help You

We love what we do at Gorilla Jobs, and while there are challenges, we are always ready to help you as a candidate or recruiting organisation to ensure the best talent ends up in the best jobs. Reach out to us today if you have any questions!