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Recruitment 101: Three Life Hacks on How to Build Strong Relationships with Recruiters

April 14, 2021 0 Comments

Recruiters are often seen as the intermediary in the employment process – the bridge between a prospect and a job. The reality is somewhat different. Here are three life hacks to build the best recruitment relationships possible.

As medical and legal recruiters, it’s not so much building bridges that Gorilla Jobs prides itself but rather building healthy and enduring relationships with our clients and candidates.

In this edition of Recruitment 101, we focus on candidates and what you can do to build a fruitful relationship with a recruiter so they can help you get your next healthcare job or legal job.

How to Build Strong Relationships with Recruiters

Tip 1: Be clear about your career goals

As recruiters, we don’t want to send you out for a job you’re not interested in. This could mean you perform poorly in the interview, or, even worse, perform well, be offered a role and then decline it because you were never really interested.

That ends up looking bad on you and us. Ultimately, it’s our job to get you into a role that you define as best for where you are at with your career.

‘Before applying, reflect on what is really important to you, what needs are not being satisfied in your current role, and what you want to achieve in your next role.’ Ellie Yoo of our Legal Division strongly recommends.

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Be clear about where you are at and the types of roles you’d most like to move into. And, as part of this, think about ‘your story’ or ‘your pitch’. If it’s clear and to the point the recruiter will also be clear about what you are looking for and can repeat it effectively with the most impact when they talk to a hiring manager.

Having a clear idea about the roles you want doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind over time, particularly as different roles come into the market. Nor does it mean that recruiters won’t occasionally discuss a role with you that isn’t necessarily on your radar.

But in general, just be as clear as you can – and remember, it’s always OK to politely pass on a role a recruiter suggests you for, which can lead to a discussion about what interests you most.

Tip 2: Be professional

Quite often, recruitment relationships can be ongoing and become a little more familiar or casual over time as we get to know candidates better. However, even when this happens, while it may seem obvious, remaining professional is crucial.

The three main ways you can remain professional (but still friendly!) are by:

  • Trying to always take a call from a recruiter if you can. If you can’t, get back to them ASAP. Filling some roles, particularly healthcare jobs, is time-critical, so the sooner we get the process moving, the better.
  • Treating each screening interview for a role as though it’s your first. Research the role thoroughly, ask questions, dress appropriately and try to view the recruiter in the same way you would a potential employer.
  • Communicating respectfully. Just like any professional, recruiters are busy and may not always be readily available (but will always try to be!) When you’re waiting to hear back on a role you’ve been put forward for, it’s OK to follow up but be patient if you don’t get an instant reply. Often recruiters are also in a holding pattern while the prospective employer makes decisions. And, when you are offered feedback about your resume or interview technique, remember it’s the recruiter trying to prepare you to be your best, not be critical of you.

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Tip 3: Be honest

This professional recruitment life hack follows on from the last in many ways. Just as it’s important to be super clear about who you are, your goals, your story and your dream role, it’s also important to be honest and upfront.

We understand that when a dream job comes along, some candidates can be over eager in how they present themselves to secure the role. This can lead to overstating skillsets or experience.

Always keep in mind that it’s our job as recruiters to ‘sell you’ as a candidate based on our initial discussions or interview with you and the relationship we’ve established. This gives us an honest picture of who you are to present to the hiring manager or prospective employer.

And, from your perspective, if a recruiter contacts you about a role that is beyond your skill set, always be honest about your capabilities and explain why the role isn’t for you. This can lead to further discussion that helps the recruiter better tailor their search for you, which, in turn, might lead you to a role that helps fill gaps in your skillset and that further enhances your longer-term career progression.

‘Don’t be afraid to be honest in what you want in your next role! We are genuinely here to help you succeed in your career.’ Brooke O’Mara of our Allied Health Division assures everyone currently facing career-related questions and potential uncertainty.

Our final tip filters through the three main recruitment life hacks above: Always stay in touch with recruiters, even after you’ve landed a role. Retaining a professional relationship with recruiters as lifelong career advocates means you have a professional who has your back again the next time you are in the job market.

Gorilla Jobs Can Help You

We love what we do at Gorilla Jobs, and while there are challenges, we are always ready to help you as a candidate or recruiting organisation to ensure the best talent ends up in the best jobs. Reach out to us today if you have any questions!