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Recruitment 101: The 4 Ways Gorilla Jobs Works for Candidates & Clients

March 17, 2021 0 Comments


Gorilla Jobs works hard to find dream candidates for our clients and to match up our candidates in the best jobs available. But it can be a little more complex than that!

As a healthcare jobs and legal jobs recruiter, we work hard to find the right candidates for our clients and to match up our candidates in the best jobs available.

But.. things tend to be a little more complex than that. So, to explain in more detail the four main components of talent acquisition, here is our strategy:

Recruitment 101: The 4 Ways Gorilla Jobs Works Explained

1. Traditional recruitment

The first and most obvious way we work can be classified as ‘traditional recruitment’.

This follows a fairly standard pattern where we manage the full recruitment cycle for clients from the moment they approach us to fill healthcare jobs or legal jobs right up to onboarding the successful candidate.

Our standard recruitment process runs like this:

  • Client approaches us seeking to fill an open position. We do a deep dive into the role, gathering important information such as:
      • Salary range
      • Interview questions specific to the role/organisation
      • Non-salary benefits
      • Reason the position is open
      • Company culture and management style
      • Soft and hard skills needed
      • Start date and workplace flexibility
      • Advancement opportunities
  • Job posting/Active recruitment. We push the job out across a range of platforms to obtain the biggest reach possible, while also utilizing our established networks and database of prospective candidates to find the best talent.
  • Shortlist talent. Once the job is advertised, we can get upwards of 200 applications! This is where our talented team of recruiters get to work, reviewing applications, creating shortlists, conducting the necessary interviews and finally presenting the best candidates to our client.
  • Client interviews. We assist as much as possible with client interviews to ensure a smooth, efficient process and provide feedback to candidates and clients throughout.
  • Job offer. Once the client is happy with a candidate, we assist with negotiations, offer final feedback and onboard when required.

And, when all’s done, Gorilla Jobs’ job still isn’t! We pride our premium healthcare and legal jobs recruitment service on remaining connected to our clients and candidates once the job is filled, checking in periodically to ensure all’s well and going forward ready to assist however we can. Forging these enduring professional relationships is maybe the most crucial aspect of the entire recruitment game. 

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2. Sourcing

If there is something we all learned too well in the global pandemic year of 2020, it’s that the only certainty is uncertainty!

To this, Gorilla Jobs has a rich pipeline of candidates to help fill urgent healthcare jobs and legal jobs or roles that require specialists in their fields. 

These candidates may not currently be in the market for a new role but they have expressed they are open to work opportunities, so, again, maintaining healthy relationships with them is crucial.

3. Recruitment marketing

Stepping away from the more standard kind of recruiting, with so many of us living digital lives, content (like this blog post!) is key to engagement and recruitment more broadly.

So, Gorilla Jobs invests time and resources in maintaining a digital footprint through blog and social media posts, job board postings and other digital platforms where we can engage with clients and candidates as consumers of digital content.

This means we are constantly content marketing what we do, are an active part of an online healthcare jobs and legal jobs recruitment community, and ensuring our sourcing pipeline has another means of staying connected with the best candidates around.

4. Competitive intelligence

With a combined experience of well over 20+ years, the Gorilla Jobs team – led by an innovative, tech-savvy, people-focussed management – offers industry-best practice when it comes to healthcare jobs and legal jobs recruiting.

The combined intel of our team means we offer unparalleled competitive intelligence because we:

  • Know what most clients are doing in their field.
  • Have an overview of where everyone is at – what they’re struggling with, their wins/losses, salaries, reputation, etc.
  • Understand what other recruiters are doing (reputation, online marketing, protocols, practices, etc.), meaning we can set ourselves meaningful yardsticks to strive to always do better.

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Gorilla Jobs Can Help You

We love what we do at Gorilla Jobs, and while there are challenges, we are always ready to help you as a candidate or recruiting organisation to ensure the best talent ends up in the best jobs. Reach out to us today if you have any questions!