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Gorilla Jobs Opens Legal Recruitment Division

November 17, 2020 0 Comments

From becoming a leader in healthcare recruitment to holding a major footprint when it comes to immigration assistance, Gorilla Jobs is now aiming to become a top 3 player in legal recruitment.

Not long after celebrating three years in Healthcare Recruitment, and having placed well over 500 Australian healthcare professionals in great jobs via their mantra of “putting the candidate first”, change (or rather more change) was in the air at Gorilla Jobs.

Legal Recruitment

Founding partners Jimmy Bosmans and Fauzi Al-Kaylani are typical tech-preneurs. With their combined design and recruiting backgrounds, they are always trying to think ahead of the game by looking at ways to innovate how Gorilla Jobs operates so that it can continue to offer premium service to its clients.

After having bedded down the core healthcare recruitment businesses during the first 2-3 years of operation, the first expansion in the business came in August 2020 when Gorilla Jobs branched out to offer an Immigration service.

This was in many ways a perfect fit for their healthcare recruitment business given the healthcare sector can sometimes experience skills shortages requiring intakes of international workers to fill the gaps.

But even as they were putting together how the Immigration service would integrate with the business, and always on the lookout for new opportunities, Jimmy and Fauzi were already thinking ahead to their next step.

“Our marketing and operations department constantly researches opportunities within the recruitment market and are able to identify certain gaps,“ offers Jimmy, speaking glowingly of the team he works with. “The legal recruitment market fits our unique candidate first model as there is a clear shortage for highly skilled lawyers.”

And the goal is clear: To replicate the success Gorilla Jobs has had with healthcare recruitment and transpose this to the legal recruitment market.

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Will this new step mean a major change in operations at Gorilla Jobs?

“It won’t change anything in terms of how Gorilla operates,” explains Jimmy, noting that, “it will actually make Gorilla Jobs an even bigger player, which will benefit our current clients. We have proven over and over that we can successfully recruit for extremely hard-to-fill roles and provide a secure way for high-profile individuals to find new positions while keeping privacy and confidentiality in mind.”

As you would imagine of the best recruitment companies, Gorilla already has strong talent within the company to help launch and run the legal recruitment side of the business.

Hayden Kaylani, who has been with Gorilla Jobs since the start, will lead the legal recruitment division. They are also bringing onboard a new recruitment consultant who has worked as a lawyer and holds a Bachelor in Psychology, which is the perfect pairing to help run the legal recruitment division.

In terms of the business structure, it will alter slightly but not so that an outsider would notice.

“While Gorilla Jobs works as a streamlined machine, all our consultants work within vertical markets. This means we have specialists within each given recruitment domain.”

But the advantage Bosmans sees that Gorilla Jobs has over its competitors is that the two areas of the business will be in a position to bounce ideas off each other while benefiting from top-flight IT systems, a large advertising budget and Gorilla Jobs recruitment methodologies.

So, it looks like exciting times ahead for Gorilla Jobs but also for the healthcare and legal sectors as this ever-growing player in the recruitment landscape continues to provide a service that continues to put people at the heart of everything it does.

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