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Healthcare Job Search: The 5 Questions to Ask a Healthcare Recruiter

October 20, 2020 0 Comments

Gorilla Jobs wants to make your search for your next healthcare job easier and more targeted to get the right information you need in your decision. Here’s the insider view on what to ask recruiters! 

Anyone who has looked for or who is looking for a healthcare job knows that the process takes up a lot of time and energy, as it should be given how important landing your dream role is.

This is where healthcare recruiters (like us!) come in, acting as the bridge between you and our clients who are looking to fill an opportunity  – we smooth out the process and ensure the best outcome. However, while it’s us screening and interviewing you for the role, you should always come prepared to ask questions of us.  

Why? Because we view the recruitment process as two-way. 

Sure, we see our role as the opportunity to drill down and find the best candidates for our clients, but we also want to help professionals looking for a healthcare job to find their perfect role and employer. 

So, what are the top 5 questions you should ask a medical recruiter in the recruitment process?

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The 5 Questions to Ask a Healthcare Recruiter

Tell me more about the job?

It may seem the most obvious question, but asking it is still essential. This is because even though you may have read the position description (PD), which is essentially also what the healthcare recruiter is working from, the recruiter has also spoken in detail to the client they are recruiting for. This means they might have more information they can offer about the role that’s not in the PD. Asking this simple question also shows the recruiter you are taking an interest in the role outside of the basics specs listed in the PD.

How long has the job been advertised for?

This will give you great insight into how the hiring process is going. If the healthcare job has just been listed, you know you are already ahead of the pack, so it allows you to shine early. It also lets you know that the process might take some time, so it could do to keep up your job search. If the position has been open for some time, it could mean the client has very specific requirements for the role, which allows you to open up a conversation about this so you can try and position yourself more to be the unique candidate they are looking for.

What are the main personal characteristics or skills the hiring manager is looking for?

While there will be some clear parameters around qualifications and work experience the healthcare recruiter is using as a baseline for selecting prospective candidates, who is ultimately chosen from the prospective candidates could come down to POD – point of difference. This is where those soft skills (such as emotional intelligence, adaptability, work ethic etc) come into play and could be the difference between you getting the role or not. The flip side of asking this is it will also give you as the candidate a feel for the work culture of the employer and whether they are a good fit from your perspective.

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What are the steps/What is the timeframe in the hiring process?

A double-barrelled question that amounts to the same thing.  As well as showing the healthcare recruiter that you are serious about the role and of being as prepared as you can for the process ahead, it also gives you a feel for how quickly you might be needed and therefore how much notice you need to give to your current employer.

What are some reasons they have passed on other candidates?

This might throw some healthcare recruiters as it is asking them to hand over a little more inside intel! However, while you may not get a lot of information when asking it, it may still help you work out how you can avoid the pitfalls of other candidates who have been dropped from the process and what to focus on throughout to ensure you remain in the hunt for the job.

Our top tip? Never be scared of asking questions for relevant information outside of the advertised position description!

Ultimately it shows us how interested you are in the healthcare job we are trying to fill, offers you greater insight into the process and the role, and prepares you to (hopefully) continue further in the recruitment process.

If you’re looking for your next healthcare job, reach out to us today! And if you are in need of more recruitment tips why not check out our 5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Resume or Recruitment Strategies for a Post Covid-19 World

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