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Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List & Labour Market Testing

September 9, 2020 0 Comments

New Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List and strengthened Labour Market Testing requirements were announced in September 2020. Find out more and how Gorilla Jobs can help. 

A new Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) and strengthened Labour Market Testing requirements were announced on 2 September 2020 in a joint media release by the Hon Alan Tudge MP (Acting Minister for Immigration) and the Hon Michaelia Cash (Minister for Employment).

“The government’s announcement of the PMSOL will be welcomed by businesses across Australia”

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Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)

The PMSOL, active from 2 September, consists of 17 occupations across the healthcare, construction and IT sectors aimed at boosting the health and economic response to COVID-19. GPs and a range of nursing roles, amongst other healthcare roles, were on the PMSOL with the aim of supporting a shortage of critical skills in the sector, particularly in regional areas.

Visa holders who have been sponsored by an Australian business in a PMSOL occupation will now meet a defined travel exemption, enabling those outside Australia to travel to Australia. The travel exemption must still be applied for and individuals will also still be subject to strict 14-day quarantine on arrival at their own expense (the cost of this varies from state to state a

nd can generally be found through each state government’s health website.)

Applications lodged under PMSOL occupations will also receive priority processing. Gorilla Jobs’ Immigration Partner, Mike Wall of Gateway Immigration Solutions (MARN 9576974), was broadly supportive of the new PMSOL.

“The government’s announcement of the PMSOL will be welcomed by businesses across Australia that employ individuals in the above occupations and particularly those businesses in health care where the majority of occupations sit,” Wall said.

However, Wall did hope for some future further modifications.

“The ability to access travel exemptions is an obvious benefit, however the fact that confirmation applications will be prioritised for processing would also be welcome. With processing times for the subclass 482 visa now quoted at four to five months, I am concerned for those professionals who sit outside the PMSOL and who can still play a key role in Australia’s economic recovery. This includes those foreign nationals already in Australia seeking a further visa or a change of employer. More should be done by the immigration department to reduce these processing times for such skilled professionals.”

Strengthened Labour Market Testing (LMT) Requirements

Employers looking to sponsor foreign nationals under the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa and Subclass 494 Regional Sponsored Work visa are required to advertise the role for at least 28 days in two mediums with national reach unless they meet certain exemptions, including where international trade obligations apply.

The requirement to advertise in two mediums has now been increased to three, including the requirements for one of these to be the Government’s “Jobactive” website. These strengthened LMT requirements apply to all subclass 482 and 494 nominations lodged after 30 September 2020.

Wall was not surprised at the strengthening of the LMT requirements, stating, “we all want to ensure Australians are given priority for vacant roles. Strengthened LMT requirements should also come with faster processing for those employers who meet these strengthened requirements.”

Gorilla Jobs Can Help You

Our immigration partner, Mike Wall, welcomes the opportunity to help you navigate the changing immigration landscape during this pandemic by talking further through the changes and how they may affect you or your business.

To assist employers and individuals, we are offering free 15-minute initial consultations via Zoom or phone. Please contact Mike on 0421 053 043 or immigration@gorillajobs.com.au

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