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Five Challenges for Healthcare Recruiters

September 2, 2020 0 Comments

Gorilla Jobs shares our insight into the five challenges we face as healthcare recruiters in Australia. From the current pandemic to challenges in the recruitment cycle and Australia’s geography, find out more. 

We live in challenging times – a global pandemic has thrown up challenges for everyone, professionally and personally. Notwithstanding this, each industry also faces specific challenges and healthcare recruiters are no different.

So, to give you some insight into the kinds of issues Gorilla Jobs faces in our day-to-day business, we’ve put together the five challenges we believe healthcare recruiters currently face.

Healthcare Recruiter Challenges


You can’t really talk about challenges without mentioning the clear and present danger on everyone’s mind – the COVID-19 pandemic. To frame it around what Gorilla Jobs does, we have found ourselves working as hard as ever at a time when getting essential healthcare workers into jobs has never been more important. Besides making us busier than ever, which we have embraced willingly as a great opportunity to help the community manage the pandemic, we have also put in place measures to protect the welfare of our staff and clients by ensuring our workplace is fully COVID-19 compliant certified.

Number of Qualified Candidates

While we admire and trust in the strength and quality of our universities to produce excellent graduates, an ageing baby boomer healthcare workforce, who have for such a long time made up the core of the healthcare workforce, means there will be a growing demand for more qualified healthcare candidates. This will be further amplified by a general ageing population and one-off episodes (we hope!) like the COVID-19 pandemic. What does this mean for organisations we recruit for? It’s a pretty simple supply and demand formula – offering attractive packages to candidates is going to help you get the cream of the crop. And, as tricky as it can be in essential industries like healthcare, building in work-life and wellness could be the element of an employment package that gets you the candidate you need.


Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, which is what we love about it! And while around 85% of the population live on the coastline and around larger urban centres, we also have communities scattered across our massive island nation. It’s this kind of geography that sometimes throws up a challenge to us as healthcare recruiters as there is a maldistribution of qualified candidates seeking urban work settings over rural ones. This is alleviated somewhat by an inflow of overseas medical professionals, something we can assist with now – see our blog post on our new healthcare recruitment immigration services – and also by organisations in rural areas offering generous relocation packages. However, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that the way we work and where we work is changing. So, rather than act as a barrier to work, maybe if you are a healthcare professional in a position to do so, it’s time to think about that sea or tree change?

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Studies show that the patient experience improves when the healthcare workforce is more diverse. While probably not the greatest of challenges for us as healthcare recruiters, we have occasionally come up against a lack of diversity. Luckily, we live in a multicultural liberal democracy built on immigration, so the pool of candidates is less monolithic than it might have been in the past. Still, we hope to see diversity grow more as our population continues to be more diverse so we can place suitable candidates in organisations or communities that will be served better by this diversity.

Lengthy Recruitment Cycles

Due to the specialist nature of healthcare recruitment and the kinds of roles we need to fill, the time it takes to recruit can at-timed be considerably longer than other recruiting. We try to streamline this in several ways:

  • Hiring the best in the business to work at Gorilla Jobs to ensure the recruitment process is as smooth and quick as possible
  • Using tech to assist with many aspects of the recruitment process
  • Being proactive in building our talent pool
  • Building healthy relationships with organisations we recruit for to ensure we know exactly what their requirements are but also to ensure they look as attractive an organisation as possible for potential candidates

We love what we do at Gorilla Jobs, and while there are challenges, we are always ready to help you as a candidate or recruiting organisation to ensure the best talent ends up in the best jobs. Reach out to us today if you have any questions!

If you need help looking for your next healthcare role, reach out to us today.