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COVID-19 Safe Workplace: Doing Our Bit to Keep the Gorilla Crew (and You!) Safe

August 11, 2020 0 Comments

A COVID-19 safe workplace is essential moving forward from the pandemic we are facing. Here’s what we are doing to keep our offices safe as we continue to help our healthcare providers across Australia. 

Gorilla Jobs COVID-19 Safe Workplace 

Australia finds itself in an odd moment of its collective history – a moment when having a COVID-19 safe workplace is an important consideration for many employers.

A month or so ago, it seemed like the country was on track to begin to reopen and wind back COVID-19 restrictions as each state managed to suppress the pandemic.

Fast forward to early August, and Victoria has gone into a strict stage-four lockdown where many workers are either furloughed or must work from home to help put the brakes on runaway transmissions (some of which have been linked to a range of workplace settings) and a climbing death rate. 

Hang in there Victoria – we are all in this supporting you and know you can get through the next six weeks and nail this thing.

For workers, wherever you are, even in the states where COVID-19 looks like it is under control, Safe Work Australia has put out comprehensive guidelines on how to set up a COVID-19 safe workplace, as has the NSW Government and most other state governments.

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Gorilla Jobs and Our COVID-19 Safe Workplace

Recently, Gorilla Jobs management decided to apply for a certificate to see us registered as a COVID-19 safe workplace. 

In applying for the certificate (if you’re in NSW, where we are, read about the certificate here), we wanted to reflect to both our team and the industry more broadly that at the heart of what we do are people, our most important resource, and their wellbeing.

Staff are clearly a resource that need protection because whatever workplace or industry you are in, without healthy workers who also feel confident they are being safeguarded in their workplace, there won’t be any work done.

OK, sure, remote work is a thing and should be adopted where appropriate, but the Gorilla crew like coming into our office, and we like all working together, so we needed to assure them that they were being cared for when it comes to COVID-19.

The kind of changes we are bringing in don’t overly impact the way we work and we don’t feel these ask too much of our staff.

But the measures do ensure that whenever anyone comes into our workplace, they can rest easy they are entering a COVID-19 safe workplace.

What We are Implementing

The main changes Gorilla Jobs is implementing includes:

  • In terms of how many we can have in the office at any given time (in line with suggested social distancing requirements), limiting this to a maximum of 20 people even if we are officially allowed a total of 30 people
  • Advising staff to wear masks if they can while using public transport to attend work
  • Hand hygiene around the office regularly, but particularly on arrival, and before and after eating (sing “Happy Birthday” twice or maybe the chorus of whatever tune is currently in your Spotify playlist hotlist, out loud if you like so we can all join in…)
  • Alcohol wipes for phones, desks, computers and headsets
  • We provide alcohol-based hand sanitiser at multiple locations throughout the workplace, including entry and exit points.
  • Majority of our client and candidate meetings are done via video conferencing (If practical)
  • No hot-desking, all staff has to work on their dedicated desk and can not share equipment. 
  • A deep clean of the office twice each week
  • The option to remote work from home once a week and flexibility around start and end times so staff can avoid peak public transport periods.
  • We make sure that our staff follow the Health Officials guidelines in case they need to isolate or get tested. 
  • We have added COVID posters and Signages across the business reminding our staff on how best to keep safe.
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As per health guidelines, we also support all our staff, even if they are feeling a little unwell, to get tested and stay home until they get their results or are well again.

Bottom line?

This is just us doing our bit to protect our staff, clients and the community – and for all of you to know that when you come to us for assistance with healthcare recruitment, we are focussed on health on every level.