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Healthcare Recruiter Tips: The 5 Things We Look for in a CV

August 3, 2020 0 Comments

Today, Gorilla Jobs gives our healthcare recruiter tips to help you land your next job. Our team have supported our clients and candidates through good and bad times and wanted to share useful tips! 

As a healthcare recruiter specialising in GP, pharmacy and radiology jobs, the crew at Gorilla Jobs wants to do two things – help our clients find the best candidate and help YOU find the best job.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

The first point of contact a healthcare recruiter often has with candidates is through either LinkedIn or their CV. So, we thought we’d give you some insider knowledge on what we look for in a CV that will get you on our radar as a prime candidate for healthcare roles we are trying to fill.

Healthcare CV Tips 

1. Format

What you’ve done professionally as a candidate is super important, but if your CV isn’t formatted well, you’re immediately behind the competition. There are plenty of free CV templates out there (check out CANVA) to help you find a format that’s clean, readable and that represents well who you are as a candidate. Also, make sure you include keywords in it that relate to the role you’re applying for so they jump off the page and grab our attention. Extra tip: Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your CV – it’s often used to crosscheck candidates.

2. Shape your CV Around the Role

Just like a cover letter, slightly rework your CV each time you submit it for a role. How will we know you’ve done this? Because a standout CV talks to the role – the skills, qualifications, educational background and work history should be tailored around the job description. This doesn’t mean making dramatic changes and definitely doesn’t mean amplifying any part of your CV if this paints an inauthentic picture of who you are. For us, it simply means you’ve looked at the position and considered it carefully against your professional background before applying.

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3. Soft Skills Get Jobs

How good a communicator are you? How well do you work with others? How are your time-management skills? These, and many more qualities, are the soft skills that help fill out the full picture of a candidate for us to present to clients looking for that perfect fit for their company or organisation. We usually get a good feel for this when we talk to you after getting your CV, but sprinkle a few of these soft skills subtly into your work history or achievements and you’ve got our attention. Healthcare recruiters are looking for great professionals to fill roles but we want them to be great humans too!

4. Being a Force for Good

No, we’re not talking Star Wars and being Luke Skywalker instead of Darth Vader…but…as with the soft skills, pointing out briefly your achievements when in roles, especially in terms of a positive impact you had on your organisation, will give you an edge. This article from Inc sets out a great way to do this.

5. Include One POD

Having a point of difference (POD) is that extra factor that will help you stand out from others. While often it’s the soft skills that help us determine your POD, there are other ways to get these across in a CV. Mentioning relevant volunteer work is a good example of this, as is using the summary at the head of your CV to slip something unique in about you. Extra tip: Be different, but not too different! Remember, you still need to present as a solid professional candidate, so letting us know you collect Coke bottle labels from the 60s probably isn’t what we’re looking for…

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So, as you can see, the key to the ideal CV is reading that job description 75 times (ok, not that many but you get the drift) and really knowing the role inside out so your CV reflects you in the best light framed by the role you’re applying for.

Gorilla Jobs is a progressive healthcare recruiter who would love to help you either fill your next role or find your next role, so contact one of our associates today if you have any questions.