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Three Healthcare Recruitment Trends That Will Help Bring in the Best Candidates

July 21, 2020 0 Comments

Healthcare Recruitment, like many industries, constantly faces changes in aspects that directly impact the way we all continue to work and support each other. So, what does Gorilla Jobs think the future holds?

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Change is inevitable and we as healthcare recruiters are constantly aware of the need to embrace change as we consider the future of recruitment and how best to manage the process.

Sometimes, change is slow and gentle, meaning we can adopt it and adapt to it with ease. And then there are those times when it’s more challenging, such as with large technological transformation or an unprecedented event like the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this in mind, here are the three major changes in healthcare recruitment already happening and likely to continue.

Tech, Tech and More Tech

Sure, this is the most obvious change, but it’s also the most important.

We live in the grand age of tech where every industry, if not nearly every person, faces rolling technological advances. In terms of healthcare recruitment, we see tech as the best partner we have (besides you as a client, of course!) because it is making the way we do our jobs more efficient by removing some more laborious tasks. 

Take video interviewing, for example. While we love connecting with every candidate we talk to, by using video to ask the basic screening questions, we can screen a greater number of candidates and invest more time on the next stages of candidate selection.

Another great example is the range of platforms available thanks to digital tech. These are becoming more and more helpful in reaching out to and engaging with potential candidates and also in assessing soft skills.

Tech will continue to figure massively in healthcare recruitment and Gorilla will jump at the chance to embrace any kind of tech that helps us find the right job for you or the right person for the role you’re trying to fill.

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Potential is as Important as Hard Skills

Feeding into the whole point of this article – adapting to change – is the idea of recruiting candidates for potential.

From years of healthcare recruiting, we know that while a candidate’s professional background is the foundation for successful placement, assessing their soft skills and future potential is becoming more essential when assessing cultural fit.

Think about it – wouldn’t you rather have someone with a little less experience but who is eager to perform well and who sees your company as a long-term prospect? 

So, going forward there will be more consideration of this, which ultimately will lead to greater retention and employee happiness. 

Win-win for everyone.

More Strategic = Better Recruiter

Harking back to tech, because it’s making our jobs more streamlined and manageable, the future of healthcare recruiting will be more strategic.

While we already have a range of great strategies for successfully placing candidates, changes in tech enable us to improve strategies and develop fresh ones when recruiting.

For example, we can develop much better relationships with hiring managers because tech frees up time, while also providing channels for better and more varied communications.

Tech has means we can also maintain a ‘warm talent pool’, so rather than always needing to look externally for talent, we dip our recruiting toes into the pool of talent we maintain thanks to tech

It’s these strategies and others (we’re not going to tell all of our secrets!) that Gorilla will continue to develop and seek out to improve our processes and ultimately provide the best service possible.

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Even under the current difficulties posed by COVID-19, Gorilla Jobs sees the future of recruitment as a bright one, filled with opportunities and advancements. 

Reach out to us and chat with a consultant today so we can connect you to your next amazing job or your business or organisation to its next brilliant employee.