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Why Use a Healthcare Recruiter? A Premium Service to Find Premium Candidates

July 14, 2020 0 Comments

Successful businesses thrive on using individual expertise to achieve the best results. And using a healthcare recruiter to solve issues in your medical workforce can greatly benefit everyone involved. 

Having people who are experts at what they do in your business ensures effectiveness and efficiency across your team. It also leads to overall business development and the success of your company or organisation.  So, when looking for new team members for your health organisation or business, why wouldn’t you similarly use an expert health recruiter to ensure you get the very best?

Some companies have large HR and recruitment set-ups already, so they might be less inclined to use an external recruiter, but even these organisations often reach out to recruiters because they can’t find the talent they need.

There is a cost that has to be weighed up against the benefits, but the benefits of using a healthcare recruiter can’t just be weighed up in pure dollar terms…and, after reading them below, we think you might just be hitting the ‘contact us’ at the end of this article!

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The Benefits of Using a Healthcare Recruiter

We’ve identified three major benefits of using a healthcare recruiter that we think provide a value proposition you’ll find hard to pass by if you’re thinking of reaching out to us to act as your partner in engaging the best healthcare staff in the marketplace.

Gorilla Jobs has the resources and ability to access the finest

Our specialised healthcare recruiters don’t just look through a file of cvs and send through a handful for you to look at. We intimately familiarise ourselves with each candidate, their goals, qualifications/experience, long-term career desires and their character. We really get to them as a person, not just a candidate. This means we end up finding the most experienced person and the best cultural fit for your business. We also have access to what we call “passive candidates” – potential candidates not searching online job postings but who are open to fresh opportunities. 

You can be specific about what you need

With access to a large pool or talent who we hand select, Gorilla recruiters ensure we narrow down the search by filtering out candidates who don’t meet your specific criteria (e.g. niche experience, specific communication skills, additional qualifications, starting dates, cultural fit etc.) This means you get what you really need, rather than more generic candidates.

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You can focus on what you do best – run your company – while we find you the best

As the “eyes and ears” in the job marketplace, we know what the best talent is doing and also how the top companies are recruiting – a double whammy of useful information! Because of this, you can rely on our healthcare recruiting experts to exhaust every resource or channel to meet and exceed your expectations of sourcing quality candidates for you. By allowing us to do our job – healthcare recruitment – for you, you can get on with your job without interruption and focus on the core needs of your business.

Sealing the deal is that we are with you all the way through the recruitment process, from the moment you engage us to the first time your new employee walks through the door of your business.

So, take the time and hassle out of finding your next premium candidate and contact Gorilla Jobs today so that you know you have the best in healthcare recruitment finding your next new best member of staff!