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Regional Work: Is it Time for Tree or Sea Change?

June 30, 2020 0 Comments

Modern life in Australia is mostly an urban experience, with most of the population living in densely populated areas on the south, west and eastern coasts. But a change to Regional work can bring its own advantages. 

Australia is a vast continent, meaning for anyone looking for a healthcare job lots of opportunities for regional work exist. This has been amplified further in our COVID-19 reality: with our borders shut, there is even more regional work available as the skilled worker migration so heavily focussed on the regions has come to a complete halt.  And over the next few years, predictions for job growth in the regions are huge as this forecast from Regional Australia Institute predicts:

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source: “The Future of Regional Jobs”, Regional Institute Australia, April 2019

While this might not be a possibility for everyone given their personal circumstances, for others it might prove an amazing experience to offer their professional skills to regional or remote communities in desperate need of them.

The Advantages Of Regional Work

A country as large as Australia is rich with potential for regional work and the many places you can go if you’re looking for a change. From larger satellite cities that will give you at least a downsized urban feel to those far-off places that offer a massive change of pace, you are spoiled for choice.

So, what are the key advantages of regional work?

  1. A less hectic lifestyle. Wake up and go for a swim before work? Or a walk through a rainforest? Sounds good to us! This is maybe the most distinct advantage of regional work – the chance to “reset”, changing the pace, shape and tone of your daily life and finally finding that work-life balance you’ve been wanting for ages.
  2. Community. While you form and become a part of communities in urban centres, this sense is one hundredfold when you take up regional work. As a local GP or Pharmacist or other healthcare worker, you will get to know many of your patients by name and find yourself quickly welcomed and integrated into the local fold, particularly given many smaller towns have a high participatory aspect to the local community.
  3. Easy access. No more traffic jams, no more long queues as the local supermarket or for school drop-offs, no long trips to and from work. If that’s not all a sell, we don’t know what else is!
  4. Costs. Often the cost of living in regional areas is lower, particularly around real estate as prices have not been affected by property booms as much as in urban areas. But your wage should be comparable or sometimes even higher when you take up regional work because of the need to attract quality candidates. So, this could be your chance to save some extra money or even dive into the property market if you haven’t already.
  5. Better connected. Successive governments have been putting forward policy to ensure those living in the regions are better connected to more dense urban centres, for example by improving access to the internet, upgrading roads and supporting regional aviation networks. This means that taking on regional work gives you the advantages we’ve outlined but doesn’t mean you have to be completely disconnected.
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And the negatives?

Well, there aren’t that many! You will experience some limitations around the availability of certain goods, but with so much online purchasing nowadays, this is becoming less a problem. There might also be smaller increases in some day-to-day prices, but this will often balance out against the reduction of other costs and potentially higher salaries.

And, of course, there is the isolation factor. As we all know from our COVID-19 experience, isolation doesn’t suit everyone, so this is maybe the one consideration to think over carefully before applying for regional work.

However, on balance, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages!

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