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Post COVID-19 – Apply for a Job after COVID-19  Part 2

May 18, 2020 0 Comments

In part two of our post-COVID-19 job search analysis, Gorilla Jobs looks at what will give you the edge in your healthcare job search. Find out the best practice tips to help you find the most suitable opportunities. 

Jobs After COVID-19

After last week’s article, we’re hoping you’ve spruced up your CV, sorted out LinkedIn, set up some job alerts and maybe even thought about building your own site, all so you can land your next healthcare job.

And that job might not be that far away given as there is a genuine possibility, despite the incredible challenges of COVID-19, that one positive change (as this Forbes article points out) is that COVID-19 may alter the way people view healthcare forever, making it more important and ultimately leading to there being more jobs in the healthcare sector.

Gorilla Jobs Managing Partner Jimmy Bosmans is already preparing for what he sees as a potential surge in certain kinds of roles on the other side of COVID-19.

“Based on our data, we forecast a high influx of Pharmacist, Sonographer and Radiographer positions post-COVID-19. This will be due to the easing of the lockdown restrictions, which will result in those groups returning to the workforce.”

So, going forward, what’s the edge to make you stand out from the rest of the field?

Read on…

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The Edge

There are several ways you can prep yourself for your professional life and search for a healthcare job on the other side of COVID-19.

Take on contract roles now

With all the uncertainty around employment at present, taking on contract roles is an impressive way to expand your skill-base and flesh out your CV further. It will also keep you relevant – for example, taking on a contract telehealth role will keep you up with current practice that might seem temporary during COVID-19 but end up becoming the norm on the other side.

Relocate if your life will allow it

While there are some intra and interstate movement restrictions at present, these look likely to soften as we continue to flatten the curve and move towards zero transmissions. Once this occurs, if your personal commitments permit, think about relocating, particularly to regional areas, for a period where there is currently more demand for work. Not only will this fill important healthcare job gaps around the country, but it will also potentially expose you to a range of new professional on-the-job learnings you might not otherwise have.

Be well across remote work

This was already becoming a thing pre-COVID-19 and has become THE ONLY THING for workers across many professions at present. And, thanks to tech, even those in a healthcare job have been able to jump on the remote work train and practice their job remotely, at least to a degree. Practices like how GPs issue prescriptions and how pharmacists get these to patients are being trialled and rolled out. We predict that even when life returns to something more like “normal”, remote work in the health sector might easily become “the new normal”, so it pays to remain open to working this way on both a mental and physical level and being as up-to-date with remote working tech and methods as possible.

But if you want the ultimate edge in the healthcare job space both now and post-lockdown, the icing on the cake is using a company in the Australian healthcare recruitment space, like Gorilla Jobs

We are there for both employers looking to fill vacancies and professionals looking for a healthcare job. Through the hard work of our consultants and our unique digital job search platform, we put in the time and effort to make healthcare job placement easier for everyone.

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The Bottom Line

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: BE PREPARED!

If you will be looking for a healthcare job after COVID-19 restrictions ease, put your best professional foot forward by:

  • Having a great, fresh, highly professional CV;
  • Creating a comprehensive Linked profile;
  • Setting up a range of job alerts;
  • Being open to contract and remote work, or to relocating;
  • Using an Australian healthcare recruitment company (OK, yes, us, Gorilla Jobs!) to give you the edge in your search.

Hayden Kaylani, Principal Associate from Gorilla Jobs’ Doctor Division, has one final insider tip.

“Sometimes having a choice is a luxury, so you need to improvise, adapt, overcome and do whatever is necessary to succeed, and hope for the best.”

If you want some extra help, reach out to Gorilla Jobs today and we’ll give you the edge in your healthcare job search.