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Post COVID-19 – Apply for a Job after COVID-19  Part 1

May 11, 2020 0 Comments

In part one, Gorilla Jobs recommends how to prepare now for the post-lockdown healthcare jobs search. Find out what you can do to increase your chances later on. 

Few Australians have escaped the effects of  COVID-19. And yet thankfully, reasonably swift government action and the hard work of our frontline heroes in healthcare jobs have helped us avoid some of the worst early predictions around infection and mortality.

But economically, we’ve been hard hit, with unemployment tipped to hit at least 10% and the number of job vacancies dropping in some sectors by as much as 95% but on average around 50%.

In terms of healthcare jobs, while there has been some dip, there are still healthy listings as the sector remains a crucial aspect of both the economy and managing COVID-19. There has also been a change in the roles available, with one of the bigger increases being in the number of telehealth GP roles to accommodate this new and important way for people to access healthcare during social distancing restrictions.

Sean Kelly has identified some other specific changes in healthcare jobs in his role as a Principal Associate in Gorilla Job’s Pharmacy Division.

“There has been a massive influx of regional jobs that are becoming more popular as pharmacists are trying to get out of the cities. A lot of  pharmacies in metro areas are also cutting hours and casual workers and encouraging their permanent staff to take holiday leave.”

Also worthy of note is that there could be a second wave and peak of COVID-19 as we move into flu season or as we relax social distancing and lockdowns, leading to an uptick in the number of healthcare jobs on offer.

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Preparing for Your Healthcare Job Search

Given we’re some way off from getting to “the other side”, if you’re in the hunt for healthcare jobs or will be in the next 6-12 months, the best thing you can do right now is to be super prepared

OK, that might sound obvious, but a gentle reminder of some basics of your healthcare jobs search is never a bad thing, right? 

Every professional needs to approach the job search by attending to what we see as the three job search essentials – CV, LinkedIn and Employment websites – while also maybe thinking about having your personal online presence. 


This is the most obvious tool in your job search but also the one easiest to neglect. No matter how secure your job, we recommend always having your CV as up to date as possible. If you haven’t looked at it in a while, set aside some of that isolation time (Netflix will still be there when you get back to it…) and sort out your CV so it’s looking fresh. Think about using a site like Canva, which has a stack of free templates and reach out to us if you want some extra professional advice as our consultants are always happy to chat about how to improve your job prospects.


The numero uno professional networking site is almost becoming more important than a CV. As well as acting as a dynamic CV that can be quickly updated, it also has extensive job listings for Australia and globally. Maybe even more importantly, it’s an excellent way to virtual network and connect with others in your field. We also recommend sharing interesting professional posts, occasionally publishing an article about your field of work and engaging professionally by commenting on other user posts you find interesting. Crucial rule of thumb: LinkedIn is a professional site, not a personal social media platform, so should only be used in this context. And while we’re on it, remember to play it cool on your personal social media platforms as we wrote about recently here.

Employment Websites

Although job ads are down on Indeed, Seek, LinkedIn and other major job search sites, it can’t hurt to set up some job alerts now to get a feel for what’s out there and so you’re the first one to jump at new jobs when posted. No need to sign up to more than a few of the major sites as often the ads are replicated from one site to the next. And, you can change the frequency of these alerts if you don’t want them every day, so don’t stress about clogging up your inbox.

Personal Website

Not so common with those in healthcare jobs, but having your personal website is an added extra if you have the time and inclination to set one up. There are stacks of super-easy website builders, such as Wix or WordPress, or if you want to set up your own private domain, hosting companies often provide free website builders built into their c-panels. Your site doesn’t have to be fancy-schmancy but it could be a great place to have a secondary online presence, write blog posts about your personal professional practice and even build a small community of followers. Same rule applies as for LinkedIn though – always keep it professional!

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So, with those basics down pat, what next? 

Check back in with our blog or socials next week and we’ll share Part 2 in our series where we talk about getting the edge in your healthcare jobs search post-COVID-19.

If you’re a doctor or other health professional who has recently had a change in circumstances, scaled back your workload, or who has extra capacity to pitch in and do your bit to help Australia through the coronavirus, keep an eye on Gorilla Jobs or contact us today for a confidential chat.

As always, stay safe.