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Pharmacist’s Named The Most In Demand Employees By Indeed

March 19, 2020 0 Comments

Healthcare jobs in Australia are booming, with Indeed naming Pharmacists the most in demand employees. Pharmacist job ads even topped Indeed’s list with almost 180% more ads, almost trebling the amount posted last year. 

Pharmacist Most In-Demand Employees According to Indeed 

Pharmacy Assistants took the second place with 170% growth in 2019. With a growing and ageing population in Australia, it comes as no surprise that The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that in 2019, the Healthcare Industry by far saw the largest wage growth. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that “drivers for demand for healthcare services are not going away, and while as always it’s Sydney and Melbourne driving those trends, from a relative standpoint we are seeing huge demand in regional areas too. For our previous post on ‘Rural Pharmacy Job Opportunities’see here. The Healthcare sector has seen above average wage growth of 3.2% annual pay rises compared to other sectors averaging at 2.2% of which is below usual.

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Indeeds Senior Economist Callam Pickering stated that Healthcare is the “only sector in Australia where wage growth is above the decade average…for people who are looking to change careers, it’s a great option… the good news for people moving into the sector is not only that it’s outperforming now, but that it’s likely to continue over the next decade

The AJP highlighted findings from the 2018 ‘UTS Pharmacy Barometer’ released in May 2019, including that the number of Pharmacist Jobs listed has been growing exponentially since 2016. The UTS survey of 361 Pharmacists also found:

  • an increasing level of optimism in the future of the pharmaceutical industry as the report discovered an overall improvement in the wages of community pharmacist
  • increased positivity surrounding “the change in the landscape of community pharmacy”
  • the growing demand has also translated into fewer pharmacists earning less than $30 per hour to an increasing number of pharmacists now earning between $40 and $50 per hour.

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