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Coronavirus: Doctors, your public needs you!

March 10, 2020 0 Comments

As the global spread of the coronavirus picks up the pace, Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has put out a call to retired doctors to try and help where possible. 

Need for Doctors during Coronavirus 

Coronavirus, Covid-19, 2019 novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2: Whichever term you want to use (let’s go with coronavirus), you’d have to be living under a rock right now not to be aware of the global reaction to the massive coronavirus outbreak, which has pushed beyond 90,000 cases worldwide with an estimated death rate of around 3.4% and recovery rate pushing up to 50%.

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WHO hasn’t called it a pandemic yet, but if Italy and Iran continue to go south, and the delay in these countries being able to contain coronavirus has a ripple-out effect to other countries, as it currently seems to be having on our very own home shores in Australia, then the ‘P’ word will no doubt come out.

Different countries are ramping up their efforts on how to domestically manage the coronavirus, from increasing powers on isolating individuals who contract coronavirus to encouraging central banks to drop interest rates to counter the negative financial impacts the coronavirus is having both at home and abroad.

The Australian government hasn’t hit coronavirus panic stations yet, even if hundreds of people have stripped supermarkets of essentials, notably toilet paper (you can read a great explainer about why this is the case at the Conversation), but it is preparing itself for a range of scenarios, from least to worst case.

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This week, Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt told a Canberra press conference that the government was considering ways to manage the need for a “surge capacity” workforce to deal with what could end up being a massive demand of health professionals to manage the coronavirus should the outbreak take a turn for the worst.

As recruiters in the health professionals space, this, of course, caught our eye!

Mr Hunt’s call out for assistance with managing the coronavirus was primarily aimed at doctors and other health professionals who might be only working part-time, who are on leave or planning to take it, and those considering retirement or who have already retired but who might be tempted to come out of retirement for a period. Admitting that there were ‘real challenges’ across Australia, Mr Hunt revealed that he and his state and territory counterparts had convened on Friday 28 February to strategise how best to manage the challenges the coronavirus will throw up in the months ahead but was particularly strong about recruiting retired doctors back into the system, something echoed in recent days by leaders in other countries, such as UK health secretary Matt Hancock.

So, if you’re a doctor or other health professional who has recently called it quits or scaled back your workload, or who has extra capacity to pitch in and do your bit to help Australia through the coronavirus, keep an eye on Gorilla Jobs or contact us today for a confidential chat.

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