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The price of saving lives; What are Doctors Salaries?

March 3, 2020 0 Comments

One average, it is estimated more than two million doctor appointments are made by patients each week in Australia. What does this mean for the Doctors’ job opportunities now and in the future?

What are doctors’ salaries?

Australia’s industry structure has shifted to predominantly service based industries of which include healthcare. Currently, more than three in every four of the Australian workforce are in service based industries. More specifically, the job opportunities for Doctors is predicted to continue to grow on a strong trajectory with an estimated further 21,000 GP and Resident Medical Officers (RMO) jobs over the next five years. Statistics reflect that mental health and obesity are the two main patient heath issues of concern for the future.

Female Doctor Crossing Arms With Worry

The average full time salary for GPs and RMOs is well above the Australian average at $2459 per week (However, they can go up to as much as $2,200 per day). There is forecasted to be strong future growth for Doctors jobs and lower rates of unemployment for Doctors in comparison to other professions. There is further good news for Doctors seeking jobs as medicine placed second in the top five areas of study for full-time employment in 2018 with 94.9% of graduates gaining full time roles. This was a close second to Pharmacy of which 97.2% of graduates obtained full time employment. With the recent bushfires and current Coronavirus epidemic, there is no doubt that healthcare professionals certainly earn their money.






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