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New Year’s Resolution: Pros of Recruiting Early in the Year

January 8, 2020 0 Comments

Christmas parties and New Year festivities are over and now it is time to refocus yourself and your team for the new year. A fresh calendar brings new challenges and opportunities for progression within your company. 

Pros of Recruiting Early in the Year

Start the year off on the right foot by reassessing your recruitment plans for 2020. So, why choose January to recruit new staff?

New Year Celebration Sparks Fresh Perspective

Fresh Start, Fresh Perspective

New Year’s resolutions should not end at your personal goals. How can you encourage your team to excel in the new year? The key to any business is having the right people in the right positions, so what gaps are you seeing? Should junior employees be promoted? Or, do you see potential for a new hire to round out the specialities in certain teams?

For example, if one of your GPs has decided to cut down their days at the practice, make a list of the specialities that your other doctors have and deduce what your practice is missing. Or, perhaps your current team does not have sufficient experience with mental health care, and employing a more experienced GP or an in-house psychiatrist would be beneficial. Not only does this reassessment help with recruitment, but also in planning out training goals for your team.

Motivated Candidates

They have just had a refreshing holiday and have made up their minds, and they want to work for you! Recruiting fresh into the new year guarantees an influx of highly motivated candidates, eager to get started in 2020 with ticking ‘find new job’ off their resolutions. Whether they have just moved interstate, or realised they were undervalued at their previous workplace, these candidates are taking initiatives to apply early and are making their career the focus of the new year.

New year recruits can also include fresh university graduates who have decided to apply after the December break. University graduates are fundamental to reaching your company’s goals, whether for facilitating training placements, hiring more junior employees, and eventually training the graduates up to senior roles. By facilitating their first steps out of university, you will be in charge of their initial training and progression, and ultimately showcasing your company as a long-term option for them.

Motivated recruitment candidates jumping on beach with sunset

Advertise in Anticipation

Some companies hire re-actively, only hiring to replace. However, not everything goes to plan when businesses use this short-sighted plan. Often new hires fall through, or their probationary period does not go as planned, forcing companies already struggling with retraining a new employee to sort through new resumes again.

For example, if you know that during the year you will be expanding facilities and you will require new doctors and nurses to off-set the pressure on your current staff, start advertising while under construction. You can view new recruitment in one of two ways: as a Christmas casual (poorly-trained and temporary), or as a permanent fixture (well-trained and promote-able). Hiring in anticipation allows for permanent fixtures that are trained under no particular time restraints. These hires are going to be indispensable and reliable, rather than having your other staff pick up the slack from the Christmas casual-type hire.

So, sit down with your staff and set out your company goals for the year. Not only will this reveal different areas of your business that requires more attention, it will also shed light on whether your employees think you are understaffed in certain areas. New Year resolutions are just as useful for your business as they are for the gyms in January.

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