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How Radiology Can Help Sports Injuries

December 17, 2019 0 Comments

A new media release from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists has illustrated a case where Radiology helped to extend a tennis athlete’s career after a series of long-term injuries.

The media release has illustrated a case where one of New Zealand’s athletes, Marina Erakovic, relied on radiologists to help her with injuries and who were able to extend her career to represent New Zealand on a high performing level in tennis. 

Gym doctor with a patient checking her ankle

How Radiology Can Help Sports Injuries

Marina, while retired from professional tennis in December 2018 following a series of long-term career injuries, said radiologists played a huge role in supporting her. 

From the age of 14, Marina estimates she got stress fractures every two years. One year she even had to play through extreme pain in her knee at Wimbledon.

Her initial scans showed there was not a serious injury and that she could continue playing, but the pain still remained leading to increasing frustrations. 

But when a radiologist reviewed the images, they found a small stress fracture on the inside of her patella. The expertise of radiologists in this case played a huge role in helping her career.

Radiologists provided accurate diagnoses and informed her of the recovery, training plans and schedule to enable her to get back on court as soon as possible. Talking to the media at the time, Marina felt extremely proud to have been able to represent her country and was thankful to have had such a fantastic team of medical support. 

Happy doctor at the gym talking to a patient

Dr Quentin Reeves, a clinical radiologist specialising in musculoskeletal imaging,  said that it was not just athletes that benefit from radiology. Most people will have experienced a sports-related injury at some point in their lives where Radiology can be a benefit to their recovery. 

Radiologists play a key role in reviewing images to determine the nature of the injury and the exact location on a detailed report, which later helps with recommending treatment options and a suitable length of recovery to get patients active again. 

Injured man at the gym feeling pain in his ankle

Luckily, Australia has top-notch medical imaging providers covering major cities and regional areas. 

In New South Wales, Castlereagh Imaging has long been the preferred medical imaging supplier for athletes and coaches. Through the NSW Institute of Sport, they provide radiology services with exclusive rates on some of the services. 

What are your thoughts about Radiologists being able to provide suitable support for sports injuries in athletes? We would love to hear from you. 

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