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Higher Pay Rates for Pharmacists in Australia

October 15, 2019 0 Comments

Good news for Pharmacists this week, as the second pay rise has been applied for pharmacists who are getting the Award wage, starting from 1st of October ongoing. 

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) applied the second phase of the Work Value pay increases to the Pharmacy Industry Award, with Pharmacists in Australia enjoying a pay rise from October 2019. 

Low pay rate for Pharmacists

Increased pay rates from July and October onwards

Higher Pay Rates for Pharmacists in Australia

Low pay rate for Pharmacists

The Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA) released the Community Pharmacists Employment and Remuneration Report last year, and the findings supported the recommendations made by the Pharmaceutical Society in Australia (PSA) in the Pharmacists in 2023 report. The remuneration for pharmacists did not appropriately reflect their skills, training and expertise.

The average hourly rate for pharmacists is fluctuating around $33.01, according to Payscale. While there has been a small rise in some of the pay rates for community pharmacists, wages have stayed generally stagnant across pharmacist classifications in the recent years.

Therefore, the PPA made a submission to the FWC for a 30% increase to the minimum pay rate in the four-yearly review of the award.

The PPA mentioned the union had taken this action since the pharmacy pay rates have not increased to reflect the changes in their job scope, arguing the role of the pharmacist in Australia has developed a lot over the recent years.

Pharmacy medicine and pills illustrated

Pharmacists currently can conduct general health consultations, vaccinations and script management, especially for the older patients and with chronic conditions.

As we previously highlighted, some of them are working at 24-hour Pharmacies to assist with urgent needs from patients during the night and many others offer additional services at their pharmacies.

The report also showed that among everyone, community pharmacists working at discount pharmacies have had the lowest pay rates but worked the longest hours, in some cases more than 35.7 hours per week.

Even worse, 82.8% of the pharmacists in the survey respondents expressed that they would not recommend a pharmacy career, citing the pressures of the change in work as well as inadequate staffing and poor pay rates.


Increased pay rates from July and October onwards

The first Work Value Case increase of 2.5% was applied from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2019.

With this pay rate, first-year pharmacy students will receive $21.41 per hour and fourth-year students will get $23.63 per hour.

A pharmacist can expect approximately $29.41 an hour; an experienced pharmacist $32.21; a pharmacist in charge $32.97; and a pharmacist manager $36.74.


Source: ProfessionalsAustralia.org

Pharmacists who perform Home Medicine Reviews or Residential Medication Management Reviews will receive the new allowance.

The new clause 19.1 requires employers to pay Pharmacists, Experienced Pharmacists, Pharmacists in Charge or Pharmacist Managers who perform HMRs or RMMRs an additional allowance of $106.40 per week (pro rata for part time). The clause also emphasises that employers are legally required to pay pharmacists these new rates as a minimum.

The efforts from PPA and Professionals Australia are to ensure that jobs which require employees to have qualifications are appropriately remunerated for their skills and responsibilities.


What do you think about the changes in pay rates for pharmacists? We would love to hear from you.

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