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Medical Imaging and My Health Record

October 9, 2019 0 Comments

Both public and private healthcare professionals can now see patients’ pathology and diagnostic imaging reports and test results on My Health Record.

Medical Imaging Uploads to My Health Record

This year the Digital Health of Australia reported that almost all public providers have already uploaded on My Health Record. The number of private providers is also increasing.

The Australian Digital Health Agency is continuously working with the rest of the healthcare providers across Australia to connect to the My Health Record system and increase the amount of information available with a My Health Record.

This is significant progress in connecting pathology and diagnostic imaging providers to the My Health Record. It is estimated that every week, over 850,000 diagnostic reports are being uploaded.

Composite image of doctor looking at xray on tablet

This means that more Australians have instant access to their results online. Patient’s pathology, diagnostic imaging reports and test results will also be grouped together and better support healthcare professionals in making faster, more informed and accurate clinical decisions.

Especially in complex situations when decisions about a patient’s health and treatment options need to be made, instant access to vital results and information will help. 

There is a list of Diagnostic imaging and pathology providers who have already uploaded to My Health Record.

Doctors sitting around the table and interpreting x-ray image-1

According to the release, currently there are more than 31 million clinical documents and 1.3 billion Medicare documents uploaded to My Health Record.

CIS applications implemented by the My Health Record Document List will be able to provide the Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Overviews without additional support from its vendors. With patients having their My Health Record, diagnostic imaging reports will also be recorded instantly. 

This new upgrade is an enhancement to the clinical workflow capabilities, which will not only enable healthcare providers to identify and group together relevant tests and results more easily but also to keep track of multiple tests, knowing the time the tests were conducted as well as monitoring patients’ conditions over time.

Professor Meredith Makeham, Chief Medical Adviser for the Australian Digital Health Agency, believed that the upgrade has helped them to have a quick snapshot of a patient’s test result history, which will eventually help them to provide the best possible healthcare to patients.

Patients have expressed the benefits of reports being uploaded to My Health Record. For example, a patient needing blood tests every three months may not have always had their reports shared to their GP or Hospital. With My Health Record, doctors will get these results and more in a quick overview of the Record. 

Doctors looking at a x ray scan

To summarise, sharing of diagnostic imaging reports with My Health Record will positively support patient care through increasing access to information, by reducing unnecessary duplicate testing, and saving time in locating or requesting copies of results.

Patients will also benefit from being able to see, keep track of and monitor their own results over time in their My Health Record. What are your thoughts on this new upgrade for medical imaging? We would love to hear from you. 

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