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September 30, 2019 0 Comments

As we previously mentioned, pharmacists across many parts of Australia and across the world last week celebrated World Pharmacists Day on the 25th of September. 

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), introduced the idea of one day a year dedicated to celebrating the profession and its contributions to healthcare.

Each year, pharmacists from all around Australia get together to celebrate their profession, discuss recent insights and the impacts on the future of the pharmacy industry. It can also be a great opportunity to learn from each other about being better pharmacists.

This year World Pharmacy Day 2019 theme was “Safe and effective medicines for all”. And just last week, pharmacists around Australia joined together in multiple events to celebrate.

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Pharmacy Store Services

According to a report from The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, in recent years the average number of times Australians visit a community pharmacy has been around 15-20 times a year. With Safe and effective medicines for all in mind, services pharmacies can provide have the potential of helping many. Convenience should be considered, also cost saving and the quality of care – all areas where good pharmacists can support.

Issuing sick certificates

If patients are eligible for a sick certificate after their assessment with the pharmacists in charge, they will be provided with a certificate to exempt them from work or school.

This can be helpful as waiting for an appointment with a GP could take longer if the patient urgently needed one. There are also guidelines that a pharmacist needs to follow when issuing the sick certificate.

After the service has been provided, a pharmacy can charge a fee for both of their consultation and the services for the sick certificate. This fee may vary across different pharmacies based on the length of the consultation and business-related costs.

Providing vaccinations

Pharmacies across Australia have been able to provide vaccinations against the flu. Pharmacists can undergo an accredited vaccination training course in order to be qualified.

Some states have also allowed pharmacists to vaccinate for influenza and whooping cough. Examples of those would be community pharmacies across Queensland and Northern Territories. It is recommended to be aware of all the qualified services your local pharmacy offers, as effective solutions often are available.


Pharmacies are highly regarded as excellent locations to provide immunisation services. This includes their convenience of the locations, but also the time saved from seeing your GP and a lack of common waiting room areas to alleviate the potential for bacteria spreading among patients.

Health checks and risks assessment

Besides their GPs, patients can also visit their community pharmacy for a health check. Many pharmacies have fully trained pharmacists who can conduct these checks, which may include anaemia testing, bone density, blood pressure testing, breast check, bowel cancer screening, cholesterol testing, diabetes screening, to name a few.

However, it is highly recommended that patients still share the results with their GPs should there be any abnormalities or need for further testing and examinations.

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Unwanted medicines disposal

Pharmacy research has revealed that 75 percent of the respondents kept medicines in house frequently in case they needed them again in the future. But if the expired medicines were not disposed of properly, or if continued to be stored with a large amount at home, it could lead to human poisoning and environmental pollution risks that according to the survey 18% of the respondents already do not know how to do.

Pharmacists in Australia should be encouraging their communities to check their medicines and to dispose of unwanted medicines by returning them to the pharmacy at any time for free.

Last year’s Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Project, a Federal Government-funded initiative, provided Australians with such a convenient way to dispose of household medicines.

When pharmacies collects all unwanted or out-of-date household medicines, they are placed in a secure bin for safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

What are your thoughts about these services that pharmacies can offer and their place in Australia’s healthcare system? We would love to hear from you. Let us know by scheduling a call Today with our friendly consultants Sean Kelly and Alyssa Bonfa find out more what pharmacist jobs in Australia he can discuss with you.

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