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Pharmacy Stores and Customer Satisfaction

September 17, 2019 0 Comments

Over the years, the Roy Morgan Institute has been tracking customer satisfaction in Australia’s pharmacies. What do some of their findings say about the pharmacies in Australia this year? 

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, Guardian was a frequent winner of the Roy Morgan Pharmacy/Chemist of the Year Customer Satisfaction Award. How has that changed this year? Find out more below. 

Pharmacy Stores and Customer Satisfaction

Guardian scored first again in early 2019

Different Generations (Baby Boomers, X, Y, Z) and their preferences 

Pharmacy Loyalty


Guardian scored first again in early 2019

It was announced that in March this year, Guardian had the lead in Pharmacy satisfaction. They came in at 93%, with a larger % increase of satisfaction compared to the others – 6% increase compared to around 1-2% increases for the others. 

The other Pharmacies are not far behind though and these figures based on satisfaction points can vary every couple of months. Priceline Pharmacy came in at 92%, barely surpassed by Guardian. TerryWhite Chemmart and Discount Drug Stores both share the third spot with 91%. Chemist Warehouse and Amcal complete the top 5 with a shared fourth and fifth spot of 90%. 



Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, Apr 2017-Mar 2018, n=15,067 and Apr 2018-Mar 2019, n=14,722. Base: Australians 14+.

Of the 12 million Australians who shop at a pharmacy or chemist in an average month, it is worth noting that 56% are women (6.7 million) and men make up for the remaining 44% (5.2 million). 

It is estimated that one of the major factors for Australian women’s shopping has to do with beauty and health-related products. Whether they shop online or go to pharmacies and chemists, Australia has access to a variety of products that are in demand with Australian women. 

The findings also showed more generic differences in satisfaction ratings among men and women. Women rated Guardian and Priceline pharmacies higher compared to men who slightly preferred TerryWhite and Discount Drug Stores. 

Different Generations (Baby Boomers, X, Y, Z) and their preferences 

Pharmacies and chemists have customers across the generations, including:

  • 26% Baby Boomers
  • 25% Generation X
  • 23% Generation Y
  • 15% Generation Z 
  • 11% Pre-Boomers 

The biggest customer group for March 2019’s winner Guardian, was the Baby Boomer generation.

young pharmacist suggesting medical drug to buyer in pharmacy drugstore-2

A Roy Morgan survey of 15,000 people has also revealed additional insights on these findings. Both of the Boomer generations are estimated to have not only a higher healthcare spending when compared to the younger Generations but also a higher loyalty and satisfaction for certain brand pharmacies. 

It is important to know who your customers and patients are and what they value the most from the pharmacy stores as that will impact their satisfaction and loyalty over time. 

Canstar Blue’s 2019 review of pharmacies is another Pharmacy Review we can consider with findings in 2019. They have compared 18 pharmacy brands based on a number of factors such as their services & professional advice, range of products, prescription availability & dispensing, availability of qualified pharmacists, value for money and overall satisfaction points. 

Some pharmacies focus on low prices, while others put an emphasis on providing quality services and support.  Canstar Blue’s research therefore also identified the importance of the drivers for satisfaction and which ones were valued higher: 

  • 24% valued the services and advice provided
  • 22% valued the range of products
  • 21% valued the prescription availability and speed of dispensing
  • 17% valued the availability of qualified pharmacists
  • 15% felt the value for money was an important factor 

While pricing is an important element for many customers and patients, receiving good service and advice was the bigger driver of customer satisfaction this year so far.


Pharmacy Loyalty

Despite there being a number of pharmacy chains available, we are often creatures of habit. 

In fact, 42% of respondents to Canstar Blue’s survey generally stick to their same pharmacy chain. When asked about their loyalty for the same pharmacy, the 42% of respondents mentioned important factors such as:

  • Convenience of getting to their preferred pharmacy’s location
  • Strong customer service and expert advice
  • Range of products
  • Cheapest prices for the products
  • Helpful script management services such as text notifications
  • Loyalty or other Points-based programs encouraging repeated visits 

The pharmacy-patient relationship as you can see from some of these findings is of the utmost importance.

What factors do you think contribute the most with customer and patient satisfaction? This week’s GP blog also discusses the benefits of using My Health Record with nearly 5000 pharmacies in Australia signed up for it. 

We would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know by scheduling a call Today with our friendly consultant Sean Kelly and find out more what pharmacist jobs in Australia he can discuss with you. 

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