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Changes for Pharmacists in Australia in 2020

August 26, 2019 0 Comments

Pharmacists in Australia have many daily responsibilities to juggle. Among those is also being aware of what developments are happening that may impact work.

We are already over the halfway mark of 2019 and as we have previously reported, there are already some interesting developments happening in the pharmacy industry. Here are a few more to know.

Opioid Package Changes

Convenience Stores Survey Results

Pharmacy Graduates Ranked Most Employed

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Changes for Pharmacies in Australia

Opioid Package Changes

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has been keeping busy with his announcements this year for future changes and developments in healthcare. One of those are new changes for opioids to help combat their effects in Australia.

This is an important battle to fight. The Guardian this year published findings about a Deloitte report which looked into the financial costs of those living with chronic pain.

For 2017-18, it was estimated more deaths in Australia were attributed to prescription opioids than any other illicit drugs of the sorts, some would be surprised to find out.

Important to note that as of 2020 opioid packages will be smaller and with improved labels and warnings. There will also be new restrictions on particularly the use of fentanyl patches. More information will likely come out closer to the date.

In this week’s Doctor division update we also discuss a pharmaceutical company’s investigation in Australia about marketing practices to GPs.

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Convenience Stores Survey Results

According to reports the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores is hoping to chime in for the current discussions happening with the Federal Health Minister’s government and members from various key organisations and the Pharmacy Guild.

Their survey results among customers have shown 2 key points of reflection. The services they want from petrol stations and potentially 7Elevens in Australia the most are Postal and more popularly, Pharmacy services.

The 7th Community Pharmacy Agreement everyone is discussing is expected to be finished by the end of this year and new developments to be introduced.

Convenience stores argue that with the proper regulation this can be a reality and improve the access to some medicine. Our pharmacists community in Australia may think differently.

Pharmacy Graduates Ranked Most Employed

For those who missed this key bit of information earlier this year, the Federal Government surveyed 120,000 university graduates in Australia last year and found that a majority of graduates gained a job within 4 months of graduating.

Looking at all the different categories of graduates, they found that Pharmacy Graduates had the highest rate of full-time employment after university. In fact – 97.2%. 

The number two spot went to Medicine with 94.9%. The rest of the top five was given to Rehabilitation, Dentistry and Veterinary Science respectively. 

With this high rate we look forward to welcoming a steady new stream of Pharmacists in the new year. 

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This week’s update also includes information for our Doctors and Imaging divisions. For more useful information and tips please visit our Blog page.