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6 Medical Questions For Imaging Providers

August 14, 2019 0 Comments

We have previously discussed how life for Sonographers can be Stressful. There are luckily ways of preparing for certain questions your patients may ask that will alleviate some stresses.

The importance of a respectful, friendly and cooperative relationship with your patients is key. But just as importantly for your self-development, applying similar techniques to your own work and goals in life can help you to overcome obstacles. This can also help Radiographers and Radiologists.

6 Medical Questions For Imaging Providers to Ask Themselves

How effective is the solution going to be and is there any strong evidence for it?

Having the right, convincing information and building trust in a meaningful way will be the key part to how someone interprets their treatment and possible outcomes. Using any real life examples will help with the overall persuasion and will make your approach more personable. And in return, your own self-development can apply this critical thinking to measure how you go about achieving your short term goals.

What are the risks and side effects?

Determining which risks and side effects are relevant to your solution and desired outcomes will be key to highlighting when certain action is required, when certain preventative measures are required and what the negative side effects may be.

How quickly do we need to start and for how long?

Another great question to preemptively bring up in your discussions. It helps to build trust in your expertise and can also have a calming effect where someone’s needs are met before they have to express them. For yourself, you can apply the sense of urgency to what your desired goals and outcomes are for this year or the near future.

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Are there any support groups in real life or online for similar problems?

Often times communities help themselves by means of educating, showing support, caring, love and passion towards common goals. Many groups, events and charities are hosted in honour of this. Those you work with as well as yourself can stand to benefit from surrounding yourself with like minded people. Providing the right information helps your reputation.

Are there any things that can be done to improve the situation?

This counts both for your self-development and with those you work with. For example, what could a patient do to improve their chances of attaining the ultimate personal outcomes? And what else could you do to help manage your workload and improve your day? The important parts are in the details sometimes.

How much will it cost?

Costs are a major consideration in today’s healthcare industry. Previously we have also written about Medicare becoming involved in medical imaging. What someone needs, when and for how long will be a limitation a lot of us have to consider unfortunately. And for your own self-development, there are financial and opportunity costs that arise when learning new skills and taking on new work. Major factors that have the potential to equally stress us out if improperly managed.

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These 6 questions are just some of our favourites after years in the medical recruitment industry. What are yours? Have you got any questions you like to use to remind yourself to always be improving? Let us know and find out if we can help.

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