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What Is World Pharmacist Day?

August 7, 2019 0 Comments

Don’t open your champagne bottle just yet, it is only July and we are a few months away from World Pharmacist Day on September 25. Why do we celebrate it? 

This annual event marks a special occasion for Pharmacists all over the world. What started off in humble and festive beginnings, has now become a vocal point of discussion for pharmacists to host events and get together to celebrate their profession and any recent insights. It can also be a great opportunity to discuss how to be a better pharmacist.

And as we keep emphasising in What It’s Like Being a Pharmacist, and the Power of the Pharmacy Industry, the positive influences of good pharmacies are important to highlight.

For anyone that regularly reads the News and Updates of the Pharmacy Board of Australia, you will know why empowering good pharmacists is key to helping patients with their medications.

World Pharmacist Day

World Pharmacist Day Themes

Origin of World Pharmacist Day

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World Pharmacist Day Themes

Last year’s World Pharmacist Day theme was about pharmacists being “your medicines experts”. Multiple findings were discussed about the future of the industry and why the knowledge and communication of pharmacists was key to ensuring patients reaped all the benefits.

This year’s theme is centred around “safe and effective medicines for all”. Medication errors happen and so do human ones. Discussing topics centred around these errors will be the topic of lively discussion.

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Origin of World Pharmacist Day

But why do we celebrate September 25 as World Pharmacist Day? And why do some pharmacists also like to give a nod to May 14 and its historical importance?

The date of September 25 was chosen last decade in 2009 during a pharmacists’ conference in Istanbul, Turkey and since then adopted as the annual celebration day across the world.

But it was a only proposed date by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). And rightfully so, as that day in 1912 was the day the FIP officially formed in The Hague, Netherlands.

Prior to that Turkey, that year’s host of the conference, had their own National Pharmacy Day on May 14. Their pharmacists used to celebrate the profession for centuries with festivities and sharing of knowledge.

But a major turning point for pharmacists happened on May 14, 1839. One of the Ottoman Sultans who reigned at that time laid the groundwork for a Reorganisation which directly impacted the Turkish law and society. It opened the door to embrace with European style education, clothing, architecture and institutional organisations to just name a few.

And as part of these new reforms, the first ever Imperial School of Medicine was established in 1827. And on May 14 1839, they officially held their first Pharmacy class in the presence of the Sultan himself and a doctor from Austria who was invited to teach.

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And there you have a quick summary of World Pharmacist Day. How will you celebrate this year and what is your preferred champagne? At Gorilla Jobs, we look forward to celebrating it and to reflect on the contributions pharmacists have made throughout history.

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