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Sonographer or Radiographer: The Differences

August 7, 2019 0 Comments

In Medical Imaging, we work across the board to help as many providers as we can. One question we get from time to time is what are the differences between a Sonographer and Radiographer in deciding which is suited for you?

Both have different training programs, different responsibilities and average salaries. But both can offer a lucrative and long-lasting career for the right candidate.

The Differences

Training Differences

Salary Differences

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Training Differences

While both work with medical images, the primary difference can be summed up in the way the technology is used to produce these images.

Radiography technicians will work with medical equipment that uses X-rays and other types of radiation. Whereas the Ultrasound technicians work with medical equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves.

Sonographers will need to complete a comprehensive clinical training program with an accredited course of study. This can take 2 to 4 years depending on if you have any undergraduate degrees and then the Sonographers can decide to further specialise. Areas to specialise in can be in Cardiac/Heart Diseases, Obstetrics & Gynaecology to name a few.

Radiographers will need to enroll for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. This can take up to 4 years depending on where you are and will come with a supervised training program that also needs to be completed. Radiographers will also have areas to further specialise in such as CT or MRI to name a few. 

Both work closely together with other medical specialists and their expertise can be key to determining a patient’s ailments. As we highlighted last week, simply using Ultrasound technology can already show you multiple areas for further examinations based on the results in the images and what the qualified specialist is looking for.

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Salary Differences

What can candidates expect to be paid in the rad market?

The Sonographer salary in Australia can vary from around $55 per hour for junior candidates up to $75 per hour for senior ones. For Radiographers the salary is in a lower range from around $35 per hour up to $60 per hour.

Please keep in mind there are multiple variables that can determine your actual salary.

How skilled and qualified you are in areas the medical imaging provider has work in; how many days per week you are available to work; whether you will work in a metropolitan city or a rural area; and whether you want to work on a permanent contract or as a locum radiographer or locum sonographer.

The more you can bring to the table with your new potential employer the more they will work with you to find a suitable position.

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Our friendly and experienced consultant Judith Butcher can help you to decide what position is suitable for you and what you can expect from your new position. Find out what Sonographer, Radiographer and Radiologist job prospects she has for you!

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This week’s update also includes information for our Doctors and Pharmacy divisions. For more useful information and tips please visit our Blog page.