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4 Things To Know About Medical Imaging

August 1, 2019 0 Comments

1. It’s ever changing – ever-evolving technology means that new tests to capture problems more quickly and accurately than previously. One of the major breakthroughs in the last century was the x-ray machine discovery. There is now 5 ways to image the body; through MRI, CT, x-ray, ultrasound and PET scanning. There are however some setbacks with the current equipment including exposure to radiation and some treatments being invasive and at times painful. However, with further innovation, more advanced medical imaging machines may be developed to create cost effective, non- invasive and accessible detection methods.

2. It can be costly for patients – the ADIA 2020-2021 Budget Submission highlighted the average upfront costs for Australia’s medical imaging services:

  • Ultrasound: $217
  • CT scan: $454
  • X-ray: $111
  • Nuclear Medicine: $477
  • MRI: $52

3. It can be life saving – in terms of cancer diagnosis, early detection is vital in increasing patients rate of survival.

Man using tablet pc against medical interface on xray


4. Medical Imaging is booming – it is worth $4billion in Australia alone with more than 17,000 workers and covers nearly 3000 businesses. Furthermore, there is now 10 ASX listed companies that are part of the medical imaging space.

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