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How to Prepare Social Media for Your Job Search

June 17, 2019 0 Comments

Most employers and recruitment agencies today are using social media to source the right candidates, which means it should be a big part of your job search strategy. 

On-line social network sites have become an essential forum to advertise your skills and allow you to establish your social brand, network with people online, identify job opportunities, and turn those leads into real-life job opportunities.

Employers today aren’t limited to a resume, handshake or interview as their first impression of you. It’s becoming more common that they go deeper, and it’s never been easier to do so. While social networking sites present excellent opportunities for recruitment, it also means that employers, both current and prospective, have become extremely sensitive to their employees’ web-presence. Before you post any information in your own name on the web, consider whether you would be happy to have this information published in a national newspaper where your family, friends, current and future employers could see it. If not, then change it.

Googling yourself is a great first step to see what a recruiter might find and to start cleaning up your online presence. Take note of all the websites that return with content including your name. If they’re sites with profiles you’ve opened, it’s best to take a spin through & ensure they represent the professional image you’re looking to communicate. If the profile has been dormant for an extended period, consider closing it.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your Social Media accounts for Your Job Search.

Most employers and recruitment agencies today are using social media. Here is a step by step guide on how to prepare social media for your job search


Be careful of what you post. Make sure your privacy settings are well used and that you are not providing tons of personal information.  Make sure any public information (Visible to everyone) on your various profile is super clean. This doesn’t just mean profanities and party pics—you should also consider removing articles that are politically divisive or could be considered offensive, posts that are super random, long rants on a certain topic, and the like.

Inappropriate media

Remove any pictures, posts, comments or anything else that could damage your reputation. On Facebook, you can also restrict who’s allowed to tag you in photos so you won’t be surprised. Consider your social media connections. Disconnect with anyone you don’t want to be associated with.

Don’t Use Social Media for Professional Communications

While it’s okay to promote your professional social media profiles in your materials when searching for jobs, don’t use it for job-search related communications. (LinkedIn is the only exemption). In other words, you shouldn’t be badgering companies you’re applying to on Facebook or following up with recruiters after an interview on Twitter or following hiring managers on their Instagram pages straight after the interview.

Job Search Social Media

Think about your LinkedIn SEO

As a job seeker on LinkedIn, the best thing that can happen is that a recruiter or hiring manager finds you and reaches out.  So you should be doing everything you can to attract them to your profile! A stellar headline and carefully selected keywords are, well, key.

Make Professional Status Updates Public

Are you sharing a link to an article you had published on an industry blog? An update about a new milestone you helped your company achieve? An announcement about an activity you’re participating in that shows some of your personality?

We often post these on our Facebook for the support and excitement of our friends but consider making some of them public. That way, when a recruiter does land on your social media page, he or she will see some activity and can learn a little more about you for potential jobs. We often think about it this way: If you would post it on your professional Twitter, consider making it a public Facebook post.


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