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Is it time to find a new job? Here are the signs

June 4, 2019 0 Comments

If you have a daily routine going for yourself, it can be difficult to realize whether it’s time to start looking for a job. Even if the signs are there, finding a new job can be scary. Sometimes that means getting out of your comfort zone. 

In the end, doing the job you love can change your whole life!

Here are some signs to see if it’s time to start looking for a new job position.

You hate your job!

While this is the most obvious sign to start looking for a new role, we often speak to candidates who lie to themselves, pretending everything is peachy at work. Or even worse, they do nothing about it and keep hating their job. With no view on career progression and no pleasure at work, they are going to work every day with an extremely negative mindset.

When we have conversations with these particular candidates, we talk about their goals, what do they want out of a career all whilst guiding them to the job position they really love.

Hate your job

Your manager doesn’t value your work

Pushing yourself every day, while making long hours and doing everything for the organisation that you can while your efforts are unnoticed is extremely demotivating.

Feeling underappreciated at your workplace can lead to anger, frustration and to high levels of stress which are clearly unhealthy.

If you are experiencing this at this stage, with no view to improving than we suggest it’s time to start looking for a new position.

Undervalued Job Position

Conversations become dominated by complaints about work

If every dinner conversation starts and ends with negative commentary about your day at work, it might be time to find a job that will incite not complaints but instead productive discussion about your professional challenges, lessons learned, and the day’s highlights.

You dread Mondays or worse any workday

It’s normal to be tired in the morning, but you shouldn’t feel a pit-inducing dread or thought-consuming anxiety when it’s time to work.

While sometimes during stressful projects this can be normal,  if this keeps going for more than 6-months it’s clearly time to change job positions.

Monday Mornings


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