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How to resign from your job the right way

April 30, 2019 0 Comments

Informing your current employer that you want to leave them is never easy. Even if you hate your job, have a horrible relationship with your boss or just can’t wait to leave your job, there is always a good and a bad option.

The Healthcare industry is a small world and you never know where you will end up in the coming years. It’s key and extremely wise that you don’t burn any bridges which might hinder you along the way.

Here are our 5 tips on how to resign from your current job the right way!

resigning from a job

Be 100% sure that you want to leave your job!

This tip might sound like an obvious one. However, you would be surprised how many candidates we speak with on a monthly basis who really regret leaving their old role and in 90% of the cases, the role was backfilled and with no chance of moving back into that role.

Before you resign it’s important that you weigh up the pros and cons of leaving your job, and write down the actual reasons why you want to leave your job.

Are you leaving because you want a higher salary? If so, have you asked your current employer for a pay rise? Are you leaving because there is nowhere for you to progress? Perhaps you could work and ask for a clear career progression path.

Make sure to check your contractual requirements and notice periods

All employment agreements are required by law to include a notice period, regardless of the type of contract you have, be it on a permanent or contract basis.

Make sure you know how much notice you are required to give to your current employer, as you may be asked to work out the full period while your employer looks for your replacement. The most common ones are, a month’s notice for full-time work, or 2 weeks if you work on a locum basis.

For senior roles such as Doctors, notice periods may go up to 90-days, as these roles are much harder to replace for the employers.

Notice Period

Prepare a resignation letter

The letter should be short and simple, it’s essential that you outline your notice period including the last day of your employment.  You do not have to provide reasons for leaving and we always suggest thanking your current employer for the opportunity which you had with them.

Do not include negativity as this might work against you in the future when you actually require a reference from them.

Make sure to sign the resignation letter and keep a copy (ideally signed) for yourself.

Try to organize a meeting with your manager or director

A resignation is very much so as a break-up and while we always stress to provide written notice. Gorilla Jobs does recommend to arrange to meet with your direct manager, we do not recommend providing your resignation via SMS, email or phone unless there is no other option.

When your employer tries to dig into the reasons why you are leaving, try to keep negativity out of the situation – there is no point leaving on bad terms.

Discuss how the transition and handover period will be handled, and offer help where you can.

Get a recommendation for future employment

Obtaining a written letter of recommendation (or an agreement for your boss to act as a verbal referee) is essential, even if you already have a new role lined up for you.

During your final days at your current employer, send your manager an email (or request a face to face meeting with them) to thank them personally for their leadership, and to ask if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation.

Don’t limit your recommendation to just your manager – seek out recommendations from clients you dealt with, your fellow colleagues and even suppliers – anyone with whom you had regular contact during the course of your role, and who would be able to vouch for you. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can use the recommendations feature to obtain and display these.

Resigning can feel like an arduous task – however, you owe it to yourself and your career to handle it in the best way possible. Make sure you remain calm, think positively and ensure that no matter what happens, you leave on good terms.


Gorilla Jobs is here to help if you have questions on how to resign from your current role then feel free to reach out to one of our associates via +61 2 8277 4547