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New Medical Therapies Previously Thought Unimaginable

February 12, 2019 0 Comments

From Medical Centres to Specialist Surgeries and Hospitals, what new technologies are being adapted or developed to help with patient care in new ways previously thought unimaginable? 

Below you will find our top 5 picks of new medical therapies which were previously thought unimaginable

Da Vinci Robots


These robots have in recent years been developed to assist Drs in surgeries. Existing versions of this technology are already in use such as at UCLA Health in Los Angeles, and future versions are being tested for a more widespread use suitable to hospitals and special clinics.

A Da Vinci Robot has carefully designed ‘spider arms’ which a trained surgeon operates from a remote console. They can perform various tasks with amazing precision, far better than the human hand. Since the robots have multiple arms, one can make an incision, another can hold the procedure’s instruments and be remotely controlled to do what is necessary while other arms hold 3D and regular cameras which can record for training purposes or show more visibility for the surgeon in difficult to reach areas.

Important to note is that these robots remain in the control of the Drs operating them and do not make any decisions on their own, it is much more like a state-of-the-art simulation game rather than Artificial Intelligence.




This new infrared illuminating technology helps to find veins and shows any irregularities in your blood pumping.

A harmless bright green light gets emitted that has been absorbed by your blood. Reflecting from your surrounding tissues, the light is displayed in real time allowing for accurate needle work and finding any irregularities. This can be applied to small or large parts of the body.

VeinViewer image on patient

Tentacle Prosthetics



This technological advance has originally been proposed by a student. But it is nonetheless impressive and can mean a great deal for those who are currently using the normal prosthetic limbs. It has further gotten the attention and approval for more testing through industry Tech experts.

In its initial working stages at the moment, it consists of a simple, small motor and a couple of cables inside the prosthetic arm that are connected to 2 switches – one to curl, the other to release. In such a way, it becomes an ‘assistive appendage’ that can allow the patients to pick up many items such as i.e. keys, bottles, wallets and others.

tentacle prosthetic arm

Electroencephalography Helmets






Electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring devices have been around for years already. They are devices that measure spikes and blips in your brain’s electrical activities. It is used effectively for a number of neurological ailments such as diagnosing epilepsy and sleep disorders.

But in recent years, people have been adapting this technology in order to use your brainwaves for all sorts of things outside of medical treatments.

The future of such adapting this technology will be interesting in the space of manipulating other electronic devises as well as controlling robot functions. A few examples of such adapting technology include i.e. attaching an electronic device to the back of a cockroach whereby your human brainwaves control the movements of the roach, connecting the device to a 3D printer for creations beyond our normal imagination and even to the point where our brainwaves could connect to our cars.

Electroencephalography Helmets

Light Therapy



Light Therapy Masks have been around for a while, with the most professional uses by dermatologists. But recently there has been a push for similar products for a more at-home use. Some of these products even come with celebrity endorsements.

While professional uses of such masks are for treatments of acne vulgaris, neonatal jaundice, eczema and psoriasis – commercial uses of the masks are increasingly becoming more powerful for treating your own skin at home.


Product Large Image 50x50_image 50x50_image 50x50_image 50x50_image 50x50_image 50x50_image Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask


And there you have it, new ways in the medical arena for adapting technology. At Gorilla Jobs we are striving to do the same and to adapt to the recruitment model. 

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