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Gorilla Jobs New Website!

January 16, 2019 0 Comments

Our old website has served us well, it created an incredible list of great clients and attracted amazing candidates for our job vacancies, and we will never forget how this website allowed us to get up-and-running.

Gorilla Jobs has grown significantly, we added three additional business units to our capabilities and are seen by many as a true market leader within the Healthcare Recruitment Space.

We have grown from 20 to over 5000 unique monthly website views! And as you might appreciate, with rapid growth comes change, and we couldn’t be more excited about our new website. Below are some details on our updates and new features.

front page Gorilla Jobs

User Experience like no other

Gorilla Jobs goal has always been to provide our candidates and clients with the best User Experience possible.  In other words, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to browse our jobs and attract the best candidates.

Our development team optimised our location-based job searches, added filters for job categories and added a function to search between permanent and locum jobs.   

We have also made it easier for our candidates to apply for jobs via our “direct apply” function next to the job title.  (see below)

Direct Apply Button

We are providing our candidates with what matters most, and that is finding them that great new job that they always wanted.

We implemented a new colour coding, making it easier on the eye for both clients and candidates who spend extended times browsing our many jobs!


We upgraded our live chat, enabling our clients and candidates to speak directly with our consultants, straight from our website.  You will be able to speak to consultants who are locally based and are the market specialist’s in their given domains.

Live chat Gorilla Jobs


Better Performance

We all know performance plays a significant role in the success of any website.  At Gorilla Jobs we believe that fast loading times, seamless browsing and providing major updates are vital to providing an excellent service to our clients and candidates.

That’s why we are happy to announce that we have moved our data centre more locally, increasing performance by 200%.

website speed

Security and Privacy Protection  

From our inception, we have always made it clear to our candidates and clients that their data is safe with us.

Not only do we store their details in one of the most secure environments you can currently find on the web, but we also make sure that we respect their privacy by only releasing their resumes upon their written approval.

Today, we go even a step further

We are happy to confirm that we store our candidates and client’s data outside of our website, with the highest level of security systems, making it almost impossible for someone with bad intentions to access your data.

Never has an agency gone so far to protect your personal details. Gorilla Jobs truly cares!

website security


Gorilla Jobs will continue to make significant investments into technology over the coming next months. We will be at the forefront of technology providing our clients and candidates with the service they deserve.

We invite you to try our services by chatting directly with one of our consultants, call them at one of our local offices or by browsing our jobs online.