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Gorilla Jobs officially opens offices in Melbourne.

July 19, 2018 0 Comments

Gorilla Jobs is one of Australia’s fastest growing Recruitment Agencies dedicated to the search of Medical Professionals. Our goal is and always has been to disrupt the Recruitment market both within Australia and overseas.

Since our inception in September 2017, we have grown to six full-time recruiters focusing on the Doctor & Medical Imaging recruitment market within Australia.

However, with rapid growth comes expansion and we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

In addition to strong Doctor Jobs placement growth, we’re also making great strides with our Medical Imaging Recruitment Division as the majority of Medical Imaging companies now use Gorilla Jobs solutions for the recruitment of qualified Sonographers, Radiographers and Radiologists.

To further fuel our Australian growth and help our candidates, clients and consultants in the region realize economic opportunities, we will be opening our second Australian office in Melbourne.

There were several motivating factors to make a move.


Gorilla Jobs Melbourne Office


333 Collins is amongst Melbourne’s most prestigious locations. Located in this historic Collins Street building our sky rise views and elegant location are there to impress our candidates, clients and employees. Situated on the south side of Collins Street between Elizabeth and Queen. 333 Collins is within close proximity to transport including Flinders Street Station and a tram stop 2 located directly across the road.

With a broad selection of fine dining, cafes, restaurants and shopping at our doorstep – this location ticks all the boxes. Continuing on with Gorilla Jobs Office’s 6-start service, 333 is no exception.

333 Collins Street is the location where Gorilla Jobs needs to be.


Gorilla Jobs Melbourne Office

Work Environment “Want to go to work”

While most of the Recruitment Agencies Employees, hunch over in boxy, fluorescent-lit cubicles, feeling lucky if their offices have a snack machine, the Gorilla Jobs employees of the world are zooming around on scooters, playing on their indoor putting greens, and gloating about the awesomeness of their offices.

If they can even be called offices–the designs of these Recruitment playgrounds so outclass your average corral of homogenous desks that you had to round them all up in a grand, jealousy (and sometimes eye-roll), on the occasion of Gorilla Jobs unveiling its new Melbourne office.  Gorilla Jobs offices have but one goal: “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.” Marvel at the most over-the-top workspaces of Gorilla Jobs’s big happy recruitment family and lament not being better at Healthcare Recruitment.


Gorilla Jobs Melbourne Office

Inviting to candidates and clients

The physical office we work in is important to us for another reason. It’s representative of our culture and attitude, from the artwork to the spaces and the bookshelves.

It’s an inspiring place where you can get a ton of good work done, learn a bunch about something, or play Playstation with your colleagues. All these functions are integral to what it means to be at Gorilla Jobs as a client or an employee.

When people come to our office, they’re stepping into a world we created for ourselves.

Think about having people over to your home or office. It’s fun to share your space with people, and by doing so share a bit of your personal culture.


Gorilla Jobs Melbourne Office


We want to thank all of our Doctors, Clients, Employees and Partners for the support through the last 10-months.  We will continue our growth and keep our promise to deliver a 6-star rated service.

We highly encourage you to trial our services by contacting one of our consultantsbrowsing our doctor jobs or by chatting with our online support team.

Gorilla Jobs Melbourne Office